356# Pikom PC fair 2008

356# Pikom PC fair 2008

I had a long list of items to buy during the PC fair. But it was impossible for me to buy everything because it would be too bulky for me to carry, especially i went there by train...

Yesterday, Sunday, i went to the PC fair with my friend William. Last day of the exhibition, it would be good, it would be bad.

It would be good because prices of the gadgets will decrease if the sellers wanted to clear the stock.

It would be bad if the gadgets that you want has gone sold out.

My priority was a laptop. Initially i wanted an XPS from Dell so i have paid my eye on it since months ago. Until Darren and Khee Chun told me that XPS was no longer worthy to buy, i shifted my eyes to HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario.

When i decided to by HP Pavilion (dv2843TX), it was sold out! And the exhibitor at HP booth recommended me to buy the dv3029TX. It was good, RM3,249just that 13.3" screen is too small for me.

I went to Dell booth to check out the XPS. M1330 was selling RM3,899 with the specs about the same as the HP Pavilion's dv3029TX.

I had no time to consider anymore and i had to make a decision. Eventually, i chose the XPS M1530, RM3,999. Just an extra Rm100 from the M1330, i got 13.3" screen to 15".

I always wanted a 14" screen, that's why i prefer the HP or Compaq, but too bad the specs just can't be ideal for me. But XPS M1530 just nice suit my requirements.

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7250
Genuine Vista Home Premium
250Gb HDD
15.4" WXGA Display with TrueLife

Free Extras:
Free Upgrade to 3Gb DDR-2 SDRAM
Free Dell Backpack
Free Bluetooth mouse
Free 15 months McAfee

The downside is that i am not able to collect the laptop on the spot. Since this is a PC fair offer specs, hence they assemble the extras according to orders received. And i was informed that it will be delivered to me in 7 - 10 working days. But the card wrote there around 18 August. Erm, that's contradicting.

I felt more relieved after i settled the laptop. Anyway, it was good that i didn't have to carry the bulky box around if it could be collected on the spot.

Soon after that, i grabbed a few gadgets.

Edifier speakers M1300 - RM49
D-Link DIR-615 Wireless Router - RM179 --> RM183 (2% tax for credit card payment, diu)
Sandisk 4Gb thumbdrive - RM46

Don't know what brand keyboard - RM16

I can't believe that i went to PC fair with only RM150 cash with me. Stupid. That's why there were lots of other stuffs which i missed out to buy. Like the external HDD, ventilators, microphone, earphone...

I bought the speakers because i'll need it for my laptop. And the wireless router is for home use. I had to buy the stronger 300Mbps one because my sisters are 1 stair below my room and they need the online coverage. William brought the 54Mbps one because his living room and his room is just separated by 1 wall.

The lady who sold me the router told me that there's a free gift upon the purchase of the router. A piece of screen cleaning cloth. I was like - wtf la, spent nearly RM200 for it and the gift is nothing but a piece of cloth.

In the end we went to find the gift booth, surprisingly i got more than just a piece of cloth. (Refer to the photo above)

- e' Scan Antivirus & Content Security - 1 year trial.
- GTI racer game dvd x2
- that piece of cloth la
- JUSCO cash voucher Rm10 x2

Oh well, i didn't expect for the last one. Not bad! Can go get like 4 boxes of takoyaki for free.

By the way, another free gift i got was from the purchase of the Sandisk 4Gb thumbdrive. It was petrol voucher, RM5 (only). And guess what, which petrol company would it be, other than the blood-sucking, empty-brained Petronas...

And that's it, didn't buy much stuff, no money.

It was the third time i visit to the PC fair, each time in each year. This was the first time which i actually bought things for myself, unlike the previous 2 times i accompany people to go lepak for fun. The traffic was bad, but the worst is the carrying part... Regretted that i bought the speakers, so heavy...

Before we leave, we went to KLCC for dinner. I went to kinokuniya wanted to grab a gunpla related book. Spotted Dengeki Hobby, japan version, August and September issue. I bought until May issue only, felt like buying them. Thought it would be like Rm30 only, but who knows, RM56. Hey, that's a price of a High Grade kit already.

And other gunpla books were all over hundred, even though they are just 2,000 yen each (around RM60). Therefore instead of buy those books imported from japan, which i am not able to understand, i grabbed the Gundam Ace book, taiwan version, can read that. RM27, not too bad. But the bad thing is that i only read 1 out of like 8 mangas in the book... Whatever, just want to know what's inside only anyway.

Still have few stuffs to buy, which i didn't during the PC fair. External HDD, ventilators, microphone, earphone... Guess i have to travel to lowyat plaza to buy those during one of these days.

PS: Anyone who is not going for convocation?

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