360# Hear Evil - part 1

360# Hear Evil - part 1

I quit listening to radio music ever since high school because they are just repetition. Like the rest, i used to listen to Backstreet boys, Boyzone, N sync, M2M, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jeniffer Lopez, Spice Girls... and such.

Don't laugh at me, i bet you did listen to them, don't you?

So, I always wanted to give a list of my favourite music and now here it goes.

Best Gothic Metal Track - "That's What the Wise Lady Said" by Angtoria

"God has a plan for us all", the album title says. Yes, that's true, indeed. It's something for a religious person to believe in when something happens.

This particular track "That's What the Wise Lady Said" sounds mellow, and strangely, encouraging. It's like educating someone young with the knowledge gain from the wise lady.

"Life isn't meant to be easy
Find justice for what you lack"

Vocalist Sarah Jezebel Deva is also the backing vocals for band Cradle of Filth since year 1996. Before i saw her picture, i always thought that she's hot.

But when i saw her in the music video "Dusk and Her embrace" by CoF i was surprised by her fat size, lol. Oh well, that's for her enormous lung capacity to enable her four octave vocal range.

Best Symphonic Gothic Metal track - "For Amelie" by Leaves' Eyes


Leaves' Eyes is from Norway and Germany, one of my favourite band outside the US. Unlike the other Gothic metal bands from Norway, Liv Kristine's light soprano vocal is much sweeter.

Their lyrics are much influenced by the Vikings and folk elements. Titles like "Legend Land", "Viking's word", "Tales of the Sea Maid", "Mourning Tree" and "Solemn Sea" pretty much tell their inspirations are based on the nature.

Anyway, Norwegian metal bands are never famous locally so i've got none of their releases. Kind of sad.

Best Alternative Metal track - "Through Glass" by Stone Sour

"Through Glass" is a very meaning song, inspired by the non-revolution, repetition plastic songs made by the music industry. I can't agree more than that, that's just why i quit listen to mainstream music. I might sound harsh but those music sound the same to me.

Vocalist Corey Taylor is also the vocalist for the band Slipknot, as well as the guitarist Jim Root of the same band. Kind of hard to believe that these 2 people are able to sing and play for 2 bands which have different style and direction.

To me, they are hard, but not heavy.

Best Nu Metal track - "My Gift to you" by Korn

Oh well, certainly this is not going to be missed. Korn is the first metal band I've listened to, and the first album i bought was this, "Follow the Leader".

"My Gift to you" is the last track of the album, about how vocalist Jonathan Davis fantasize killing his girl friend after she demanded a song to be written for her.

A very melodic song, with bagpipes slowly joining in during the intro. Bagpipes part is always my favorite in Korn songs, but unfortunately the latter songs are not as good as the old ones.

As the pioneer of this genre, Korn really inspired a lot of other bands in the US and around the world. But the band is going down ever since the guitarist "Head" left the band and embraces Christianity, to withdraw himself from substance abuses.

I was quite down for quite a long time. Head was the reason why i started to play the guitar and i even bought the Ibanez. No, i bought the GRG, normal 6 strings. Korn plays K7, the 7 strings, which i'm not able to.

Therefore, sadly, i can play none of Korn songs.

They say, Korn is dead after "Follow the Leader" era. I feel so sorry to agree with that.

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