357# MG Shin Musha Gundam - Part 1

357# MG Shin Musha Gundam - Part 1

It was crazy, to buy two Master Grades at a time. It was just a shopaholic rush after EOS 5. It was already planned to buy two Master Grades already that time, anyway.

So, the MG Force Impulse was completed and now, the MG Shin Musha Gundam.

Before the full view of the gunpla, i have a few points to share here.

I have 6 MGs from the Cosmic Era series and 4 MGs from the Universal Century series. And thus this MG makes up my 10th MG model. It's not easy to reach this number though.

Not really from the UC series, Shin Musha is actually from the PS3 game "Gundam Musou". I have bought the PS2 version where this MS is usable from the start unlike the PS3 version where it is the final boss and not usable unless you finish the game. Very challenging game and yet interesting game, must try. (Some level of japanese languge knowledge is needed, unfortunately)

Back to the MG itself, it has slightly more pieces than a standard MG. It took me 5 days to complete the straight built and panel lining, with average of 3 hours spend on each day.

Last time when i just started to build gunpla, being a newbie my requirement wasn't that high, i usually finish the straight build in 1 night. But now after fixing more than 30 gunpla of all grades, skills acquired sort of push me forward to improve the model better.

Top: Before spray
Bottom: After spray

Of course i'm just a part time collector with limited skills. Unlike professional modellers who do extensive modification and painting with air brush, i don't paint my works, i just do some minor painting with markers and protect it with top coat. It looks descent enough for me already.

Due to tight budgets i am not able to afford air brush which costs up to thousands, thus for the first time i experiment with spray can.

I was not satisfied with the gold molded in this kit, therefore i used the gold spray can to color the gold parts.

Top: Before spray
Bottom: After spray

Initially i wanted to buy the spray can but it was out of stock. Spray cans are hard to bring in nowadays, i believe you are aware of that too, thanks to the godly terrorists.

I considered hand paint with acrylic based paint, but doing it means i have to buy the thinner which may even cost more. Water based paint needs no thinner to dilute, but the outcome often unsatisfactory.

In the end the auntie from the model shop gave me the gold spray can which she used. Nearly finished but she said it should be enough to spray 2 frames.

The paint particles came out quite large, not as tiny as i expected. Sad but unavoidable, most of the paint are not painted on the parts but disappeared in the air.

And who knows the paint stopped releasing from the can and it died there.

Some of the parts are not fully covered yet, as you can see above.

Quite ugly, seems like the paints are actually spit upon instead of sprayed.

But anyway it gives it an antique feel for these parts. An extraordinary effect huh, i should not complain, because i got the spray can for free.

As everyone knows, this model uses the One Year War version of RX-78-2 Gundam of the previous release. I'm quite surprised of the leg's inner frame, which is molded in 1 piece would have such wide articulation. In fact i cut that piece out and play around at the night itself when i bought it.

The assembling part was stress free, because there were not much of panel lining to do, unlike most Gundams which are designed in white color which have lots of details to line. There were just a few parts required some marker painting, like the skirt armors and helmet. Painting the helmet was quite a pain, though.

After 5 days of assembling, i took another day to apply the stickers and decals.

There are 2 types of decals to choose, original and Ver Ka. Of course i chose the Ver Ka ones since it looks cooler. Original ones looks more original in the sense that all caution and warning stickers are designed in Chinese instead of English, but it looks quite off to me, and thus i chose Ver Ka.

However, choosing Ver Ka stickers to apply means that you would need double the time and effort to do so. Because Katoki Hajime's designs are famous with his excessive warning stickers. I applied all stickers for my MG Unicorn and it took me 3 nights to complete.

To make the process more difficult, the stickers are so small and it can't even be seen. The worst part is the some of the stickers are out of margin and the sides need to be trimmed. To sum it up, it really can be a difficult process, but the outcome is always worth the effort.

This is my 4th MG which i apply the flat coat. First was the Impulse, then i used it for Strike Noir and Freedom which i have completed last year.

I don't know if it's just me, or the flat coat will release such amount of "powder". It seemed alright at the red parts, but at the black parts the powder seemed to be overwelmed.

The layer got so thick until the weapon can't insert back to the backpack. So i have to sacrifice it by forcing it in by scratching the surface which is already coated.

I only applied 3 layers of the flat coat, i think that's enough. I was being such a noob where i applied like 5 layers of semi gloss on my MG Destiny and 1/100 Virtue/Nadleeh. And that can of semi gloss just died off after i applied those.

Never mind, we learn from mistakes. I have done a lot of mistakes and in turn i have learnt from them. Now i spray it carefully and take account of the weather, like the humidity, wind direction, sunlight and the surroundings. I sprayed 4 MGs with it already and i think it still can go for another 2 more.

It is supposed to spray 3 layers but why for mine it looks so thick? My 1 layer is about 2 seconds from left to right and repeat. Guess that i have to make it into 1 second next time.

There are 2 more MGs which i have yet to apply the decals, stickers and coat. The Strike Freedom and Hi-Nu. Both costs more than RM200 approaching RM300 respectively so i have to make sure i do it carefully.


I took a few shots of it and my camera got out of juice...

Will take a few more shots and post them here next time.

PS: This could be my last MG. I always tell myself, last. But i don't know how long this determination will last (no pun intended).

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