358# Recent Haul

358# Recent Haul

I'm damn broke recently.

Going to the PC fair to buy the gadgets that i need already costed my life, to make things worst i spoilt my spectacles days ago.

Frameless spectacles would be convenient, at the same time without the edges for support the glasses would be really vulnerable. I've spoilt the glasses for 3 times!

Therefore replacing the lens costed me RM75, and i was asked to make a backup spectacles by my dad, in total i spent RM300 for that.

And hence i can't do much shopping these days, at least for 1 month. But somehow there were things turned up in front of me and squeeze out more from me.

Yesterday i read from the internet and found out that the magazine that i'm buying all these while is released. June issue with free stickers. For sure a particular issue for gunpla collectors to grab.

I was damn tension, i already missed the march and april issue therefore i must not miss any of them anymore. Everyone had got their hands on it, some of them even bought 4 copies. Original Japan version in kinokuniya is selling at RM57, and i can't read it. HK or taiwan version found elsewhere are selling at RM9 to RM11, and i can read it.

So today i drove out solely for this purpose. Drove to AEON bukit tinggi klang, and walked into mynews, and i saw 2 issues which i was looking for sitting on the shelf.

Damn lucky! Grab straight the only 2 copies on the shelf. Thank god, really, if i missed it, it would be nowhere to be seen, like how i missed the march and april issue.

And i saw Popular is selling this magazine too, which it hardly too. The most ridiculous thing is that i saw 6 copies sitting there, which is the most copy ever i have seen in front of me. I would be the one clearing the shelf usually. Thanks to Yokie who helped me to buy before this.

Yesterday i brought my friend to my regular gunpla shop to buy his MG Strike Noir. Having nothing to buy in mind, and i spotted SD Exia at the model shop's counter.

Couldn't believe it, i didn't expect it to hit msia so fast.

Thought of buying 2 boxes, for Chan as well. But too bad i'm too broke to buy 2.

The main problem regarding this SD is that it has a lot of details which required extensive painting. Sad case. I wonder how should i paint it. Therefore i can't fix one for you Chan, sorry.

And today i bought the Action Base stand 2 for this SD. RM23.90 is definitely too expensive because it is in Jusco. But i bought it with my RM10 x 2 Jusco cash voucher, which i've gotten during the PC fair. Therefore it wasn't too bad after all.

Another purchase was Stephen King's books. "Thinner" was what i was looking for and "Night Shift" wasn't in my list actually. Not until i saw the "RM10.90" price tag.

Damn! RM11 for a book? This is my cheapest book ever! Plus the 10% popular member discount, this book costs less than RM10. Happy.

Weeks before i bought Thomas Harris' "Hannibal" at Popular, Sunway Pyramid. I've completed "Hannibal Rising" and "Red Dragon", but without the book "Keseyapan Biri-biri" aka "Silence of the Lambs" i can't proceed to the 4th book "Hannibal" in the chronological order.

But i still bought the book even without the 3rd one. Because it was selling at RM14.90! After discount it was just RM13.40. Happy.

Therefore after all these purchase, i am officially broke. No more gunpla, at least for 2 months, i shall not spend.

PS: Ming Lin i want our Langkawi photo in full res please!

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