359# Langkawi - day 1

359# Langkawi - day 1, 2.

Finally i've got these pictures from Han Ying. I couldn't seem to download the whole album from picasa and i had to download the pictures one by one manually instead.

Hou ma fan.

Boat trip to Langkawi island wasn't that bad, because we had been through the worst. Boat trip during our Redang trip which fell on the post monsoon season. The only complain that we commonly have is of course the seat. Oh yes, and noisy passengers as well.

There would be only one reason to go Langkawi.


Not really la.

Didn't drink that much, but we bought some four ourselves as souvenirs. I suspect that i had a hang over on the second day. I had a really bad headache and fever the next day. I didn't drink that much though.

Transport in langkawi was cool. Perhaps "cool" isn't a word to describe, i'd say "hot" instead.

The van that we rented could be as old as me, or even older. It wasn't in its tip top condition but luckily we could still hardly cramp all 11 of us together in it.

Still can't beat David Yong's myvi with 7 guys at the back seat, though.

And the guy who rented the van to us lied to us. As i expected, the oil meter isn't spoilt. He just want us to tambah more minyak for him. We found out, but we were so humane and we didn't kenakan him back.

Awana Porto Malai. I had a hard time in remembering the name of our hotel. It sounds like Paula Malai (Ali) to me. I don't know why.

Day 2

Trip to langkawi was so exciting and we couldn't wait to go explore around. And it was so great until some of us fell sick.

Thus our first destination in langkawi was,

the hospital.

Oh yea.

Victor fell really sick. I had a bad sore throat too as well as the rest. I actually registered myself for treatment, but in the end me and the other two cancelled it because w couldn't afford to wait, couldn't wait to go lepak.

Same as others who went to langkawi, island hooping is a must.

We rented a boat for ourselves to go around the islands. Honestly, we had no confidence in the young guy who pilot the boat. Wonder if he had even experience.

First stop is the Dayang Bunting Marble. This is how language is used. Take other people's language and put it in the blender, spin it around, and it became a new world for your own.

I know what's marble. Dayang is those female servant in the castle. And what about Bunting? Blunted scissors? (edit: thanks to ziyun for pointing out bunting means pregnant, learn a new word today.)

Lake within an island. You can see the hill which outlines a figure of a lady lying from this picture. I can't remember what is it called.

Making a "lake in island" into a tourism spot is quite the idea, but i have no idea why the hill would become another spot as well. Wonder if there's any story behind it.

I've seen hill which outlines the drumstick, chicken, and 17" monitor too! Can these hills be tourist spot as well?

We didn't know that the "fish massage" was actually located in the same place, until we asked around.

We found the spot where the fishes supposed to be. But according to the local the fishes only appear during the morning. But it was already near evening when we reached there.

I just try my luck and dipped my feet in. Who knows my hairy legs attracted those fishes beneath to surface!

And we found out that the number of fishes got attracted is directly proportional to the number of hair you have at your legs!

So, less hair, less fish la. As seen above.

The catfishes just rub around our feet and it was so gross. Usually my reflect you would just retract your feet and scream.

But we held ourselves tight, held our screams, and moan in agony.

It was the only time i saw so many of us as guys to scream like ah guas.

The people around us got confused. Some of them even dipped in their feet to try. But too bad our hairy legs attracted all the fishes so they had no fish to tickle them.

In the end when we had enough we let our spot to those people. Wonder if they could attract those fishes or get them swim underneath back instead.

Next stop was the eagle feeding. I have seen a lot of eagle usually, when i drive by the oil palm estate. But i didn't see such number of eagles at the same time, same spot before.

It has become a classical condition for those eagles - roaring boat engine which stirs up the water and crush the chicken meat = food.

Once the young man did so all the eagles appeared from nowhere and hunted down the food.

I had never seen eagle hunting this up close before.

When there are so many of them on the sky, they looked like mosquitoes.

Third stop is the beach. Oh well, a very ordinary ones.

Quite clean, but personally i still think that beach at redang is more enjoyable.

Nothing much we could do at such empty space. There were plenty of sand under our feet so we just play around.

We dug, but no treasure found. If we really did it would be belong to the gahmen anyway.

Besides, sand art too.

Julius' chick.

I remembered that i drew Goku from Dragonball too. But i didn't take a picture of it because i didn't bring my camera. Kind of regret becase i missed a lot of nice shots.

Victor was sick so he was resting at the beach and the rest of us went to check the slope of the beach.

From this picture, i think that tks was trying to grab his lampa.

Caught red handed, tsk tsk.

Oh well, i shall continue the third day in langkawi in the next post.


PS: Did we actually receive academic calender and timetable in our emails? I didn't. Can someone send them to me?

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