363# Bbq meeting + M22

363# Bbq meeting + M22

We always wanted to do a bbq. For more than a few times, ideas are shared, but i had to cancel it eventually.

Firstly was the time, unmatched. Secondly was the haze.

And now, finally we managed to carry it out. So happens that the day we selected to do bbq was 1 day before my 22nd birthday, so i sort of celebrated my birthday as well.

I didn't call many people. William, Jin, Darren, Justin, Tucky, and TKS only. I called them to come early to help me to do the shopping and setting up because i can't handle it myself alone.

All of them came early to help. But except TKS, who just nice arrived at my place while everything is set up and ready to go.

Very good timing indeed.

The whole thing costed me a gigantic two hundred bucks just for the amount of 7 people. That's why i couldn't call as many people as i want, or else i would be broke.

It's been while a while since the last time i did bbq with friends. During high school times we had only chicken wings, sausage and whatever balls you named it.

But this time we had something else different. Lots of seafood. Prawn, stingray, don't-know-what-name-fish, squid, apart from the default bbq food.

Since we had extra variety of food, thus there were extra work.

Luckily everyone was willing to help. Therefore we managed to get everything ready before people started to die of starvation. Especially Justin, who didn't eat anything since he woke up.

That was the first time i saw so many jantans doing kitchen work all together too.

Which makes up a very funny picture which i won't able to see in the next few more years, since everyone is leaving soon.

And the feast begins.

No, TKS arrived before we started eating.

I have no idea why the food ran out so fast. Was it because the time flew too fast for me to notice, or everyone was just too hungry?

William worths a credit here for this spicy recipes. Seafood won't go wrong with the Tom Yam, really. Marinate of the chicken wings done by him was great as well. Darren didn't give a shit and eat in the black charred parts too.

The sausage finished the fastest because it burnt the fastest. But we still eat it la.

It was correct to bring out the multi socket extension cable, because we had two laptops there to play songs for the hazy night.

We had a very good conversation when the song "Na Shi Wa Wu Ji Ba Ban" is played.

What would you do if you have a million dollar?

William and Jin once went out because William said he got a call from his sister to ask him to go back home, he said.

And he returned saying that he bought panadol for his sister who fell sick.

I've to say that he is a good liar, because he didn't go back home, but went to the nearest 7-11 and make a cake for me.

Banana cake topped with melted cadbury chocolate and M&M candy as decoration.

A very creative idea where items are all obtained from 7-11. And i sliced it creatively too with the massive kitchen knife.

After the eating, of course there's cleaning up. Unlike what i had most of the times where people come eat and ciao, now this time i got everyone to help to clean up, which give us more interactions.

Can't wait until next day for the house cleaner to come and clean, so we just roughly clean up a bit so that strangers outside the fence won't climb in and search for left over bbq food.

I can't recall what happened, but Justin fell over on my dad's favorite yellow mini chair. I guess that was when he heared some lame joke i think.

Dude, that was a historical chair you know?

Once cleaning is done, we had the red wine, which i forced Justin to cheng me. Chile's Merlot bought from Tesco where we did the food shopping.

Taste quite ok. As Jin said, sure won't go wrong with Merlot.

And i opened and used the crystal glasses too which are not used since my dad bought it.

So that's it. Got a book written by Clive Barker from them, probably Jin's choice and a wallet which i demanded from my sisters.

I don't really feel that that was a birthday celebration for me, more like meeting people up like Justin who is leaving soon, chatting with them and eat some charred food, which are my first intention.

But eventually it turned out to be a celebration for me. Thanks a lot to all of you all, and my family members. Sorry la didn't leave much food for you all.

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stinchan said...

Hm, somehow I missed seeing this post the last time around! Don't say I going away as though I leaving this earth la peng you..see you in summer ! BBQ again yeah


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