355# Penang

355# Penang

I don't know why, i'm just too lazy to update. I always tell myself to write a post about the trip to penang and langkawi. After returning home for 1 week, and now i begin.

Partly is because i'm yet to receive the pictures from Han Ying, Ching Li and Min Lin. I didn't take those nice pictures but Min Lin took number of nice scenaries and group pictures.

And now this fella is at Taiwan enjoying his 20 days trip with Keat Seong and Ze Wei. Hope they won't face the flood over there. God bless.

Anyway, Penang was fun (it's like, duh...). We had somehow a pretty unhealthy lifestyle over there. Non stop eating and playing, and very limited rest.

Bet you know what kind of food is famous in Penang. To be really honest, delicious foods are unhealthy. What to do, human tend to do things which they are not supposed to.

For our first dinner at Penang, we had lok lok. It was such a bomb where everyone dipped in the sticks as if they were free. Back to our place here at KL, Lok lok are not served in such a way like the photo shown above.

That was the first time i had all the lok lok sticks served in such huge number in front of me. They are smart. They do in such a way so that you would fail to notice how many sticks you have eaten.

Plus each of everyone of us ate the Char Kuey Teow too. It was a special one because that was the first time i have eaten a CKT fried with duck egg. Not bad.

The next morning we had Dim Sum for breakfast. We scheduled to eat another famous CKT by the "sisters", but too bad it was closed that day. Even "brothers" CKT was closed too. Therefore something different we went to try the dim sum there.

Heard that the dim sum there are quite cheap unlike over here in KL. RM1.50 to RM2.50 per plate, that's like RM2 cheaper than over here.

Everyone ordered the porridge. Due to peer pressure, i had no idea what kind of porridge it was and i wanted to order as well.

But it was sold out until my turn.

After that we went to check out ferry tickets to Langkawi for our next day.

The ticket was priced around RM50 back to few years back according to them. And the price got up to double now. RM106 per trip per person from Penang to Langkawi.


They surveyed a few other sellers and the best we could get was RM99. Cut down to 2 digits from 3 digits. Not bad.

And in the end, someone (i can't remember who, please remind me) came out with a brilliant idea. We just drive to Kuala Kedah and take ferry from there. The ticket there is selling at RM23, which was way cheaper. We just need to drive there for 1.5 hours and we can save hundreds.

Accommodation in Penang was insane, too.

7 guys and 4 girls in an apartment with 2 rooms, 2 beds in each respective room.

For the first night i didn't sleep at all because it was such a pain to cramp in the 2 single beds with 3 other people.

The next day i chose to sleep in the living room. Couple of sofa cushion as my bed gave a better sleep than cramping in the bed.

The fiest went on. There's this corner selling nice ais kacang. I'm not a big fan for whatever ice but i've to say this ais kacang really worth trying.

RM1.80 per bowl with generous amount of syrup and toppings. I really like the red beans.

I remembered some of them even ate more than 1 bowl.

How many have you eaten, Naomi?

Trip to Penang for sure we can't miss the temples. It's like each of everytime i go Penang i will not fail to visit the temples.

I'm not a religious person so it's kind of pointless for me to go temples. But there was this fun part where they are bowls spinning in the pool. The bowls are written with fortune words respectively, like wealth, education, marriage and such.

And we all kept spamming coins into the bowl to obtain the luck. Of course most of the coins drop into the pool la. Money gone also la.

Next stop was the Kek Lok Si. It's mandatory to eat the Laksa before you go up to the temple. I did that last year too during my road trip with my college friends.

Sorry for those who like it. Frankly, the Laksa was way too heavy for me. I know all of you all love it, but i just can't take the flavour of the mint. Therefore i only picked the noodles to eat and leave all the other ingredients untouched.

Last year during my visit to the Kek Lok Shi, we didn't go to the upper part. Because we didn't know how to (All from KL, no local guide among us).

There's an electric elevator in fact, to go up there. Of course you have to pay la. The scenary up there was nicer, and we got once step closer to see the massive Kuan Yin statue.

It was way bigger than i imagined. Plus i didn't know that they are building the roof for it. I thought it is just the statue standing alone there.

And we donated money for the megastructure's construction.

We got a tile and we write our names on it. I almost forget how to write my name in Chinese, because i hardly write in Chinese for the past 10 years.

It was funny to see how the rest write their names. By the way, Min Lin has the best hand writting. But guess that doesn't help much, because he lost his car key. (i know these don't associate with each other but i just feel like it)

We walk around and look for it, and it was then discovered that Min Lin left his car key in his car. He killed the engine without taking the key out.

Being an Iswara which it was said that the lock is pretty hijackable. Even Ze Wei hack the car lock open with a metal ruler back when she was a kid. That seemed to be her favourite game during her play time back then.

But somehow things weren't that easy. After minutes of trying with the metal bar stolen from the fruit seller, the fruit seller uncle came to help. He hack opened the door lock with one hand (another hand was holding the cigarette) within 15 seconds.

It was so fast and i didn't manage to snap a photo.

"Uncle, you no need sell fruit already!"

And Kia Huat came to us with a metal ruler in his hand, which he bought from a stationary store after fed up with the metal bar.

"Huh? opened liao ah?"

For 2 nights, we went to play arcade. RM4/hour was the best deal i could ever think of. Just pay RM4 for an hour and you can get the free play on the machines. Considering the machines aren't that screwed up and playable.

The first night we played for an hour. I solo-ed The House of Dead 2. Of course i died 99 times la. It's impossible to finish the game without continuing again and again. Since it was a free play, it was stress free to play, because you can continue without tokens if you lose.

The second night we played for 2 hours, because 1 hour is too little. This time i played the Time Crisis 4. Since this is a new game, therefore no free play, tokens needed. RM0.50 per token.

Me and Ngie Chang finished the game with around 26 tokens (4 free tokens are given when you purchase 2 hours). I can tell everyone now "I've finished Time Crisis 4!" proudly.

Because not much of people can do so. In Mid Valley, to start a game is RM2, and to continue is RM1. If your character died 12 times (like us), then that would be RM14. If 2 persons playing, that would be RM28. Too expensive la.

The third day, before we drive to Kuala Kedah we had wonderful breakfast. Prawn Mee! Selling at 500 bowls only per day, it tells you how famous the prawn mee over there.

Really nice. The best food i have eaten in Penang. And in fact i wanted to eat the prawn mee more than the rest. But who knows it was the second last food we ate in penang.

Next stop was the "Sister" CKT, finally. I didn't eat much because of the prawn mee in me. But can tell that the CKT was really delicious as well. Thanks to Ze Wei's mum for both treats.

After that, Langkawi.

Wait until i get the pictures from them.

Thank you!

PS: 1 hour and 20 minutes to type this post. Crazy.

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