352# MG Force Impulse Gundam - Part 2

352# MG Force Impulse Gundam - Part 2

There's no Part 1 actually, i go straight into Part 2 because some words have been mentioned in the post prior to this.

Like i mentioned, this particular master grade is just ok-ok for me, didn't really feel the shock factor from it.

Maybe i was paying more attention to the Shin Musha Gundam which i bought along with this MG. I built this MG first instead of the Shin Musha because of the weather recently.

Flat top coat, completed.

I've got a gold color can spray FOC from the auntie of the model shop. The can spray just have a little left so she gave it to me to spray the gold parts of the Shin Musha.

Instead of starting with the Shin Musha, i had to postpone it and start with the Force Impulse. I have to spray the gold parts of Shin Musha first before i can begin, but the weather recently didn't allow me to do so.

The flyers.

Today's weather is kind of different. At least during the evening. It was quite sunny as compared to days before.

The completed Force Impulse was standing there doing nothing. I grab the opportunity of the good weather and continued to work on this Force impulse.

I reapplied the panel lines with the new liner i bought yesterday and i colored some parts with the metallic chrome and gold markers. Hydraulic pipes must be painted no matter what.

Core Splendor

And soon after that, i applied the decals and stickers. As usual, i'm a big time sucker in applying decals. I ruined almost half of the decals. You may notice some of the decals are spoilt in some of the coming photos.

Followed by the stickers. This time i used the "compulsory" method, which is to dip the stickers in water before applying so that it can still be adjusted instead of sticking hard onto the surface.

Very helpful. But i didn't bother to use this method before this, because i was way too lazy...

Silhouette Flyer with Force Silhouette in standby

After hours of the post straight build touch-ups, it was finally done. Before the sunset, before the wind started to blow, i went downstairs and started to coat this MG outside the house.

I learn from my mistake this time.

This time i found a spot where minimum wind is blown. I sprayed only 3 times per side instead of 5 like last time to conserve the top coat. Now i can still feel the weight of the spray can, guess it can still be used to spray up to 3 more MGs.

Silhouette Flyer launched

This is the first time i spray with flat coat instead of the semi gloss which i always use.

Most of the people fancy with flat because it is able to give a more realistic look instead of the partial glossy look. Actually i don't mind the latter ones, but this time i just want to have a different tone for my MG.

I guess the difference in between semi gloss and flat is that flat has more particles in it. Last time while i use the semi gloss i can see the plastic particles on the model's surface.

And this time the flat coat seems to release more of them to make the surface looked duller.

Chest Flyer

I'm not sure how long we have to wait to let it dry. I usually spray it with the interval of 1 minute. Without fail i will go touch the model to feel the roughness of the surface.

Oh well, i don't know whether it dried already not, the evenly sprayed sandy particles got messed up after i rubbed it with my thumb.

Seriously, please don't try this at home. My Force Silhouette's wings were ruined because of my curiosity.

Leg Flyer

After spraying 3 times per side, i let it relax for a little while more. I had to be extra careful with the foreign objects that might just stick on the surface of the model.

Example, like my dogs' fur.

The wing (not very strong, or else i wouldn't have do it) was blowing my dogs' fur and some of it stick on the model. Very bad.

Final assemble - Force Impulse Gundam

And again i let it to chill for another 30 minutes indoor before i put everything together again. The outcome seemed satisfying. At least better than the out of the box plastic feel.

However, still can't avoid the sandy particles get off from the surface. It got on my fingers when i touch them. Haven't dry completely i guess?

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