351# If you don't know where to go you better just stone at home

351# If you don't know where to go you better just stone at home

Today is the 5th day since our exam over.

Really stone. I have tonnes of to-do-list in my mind but i just can't do it before the result's released.

First of all is to find a house in Seremban for our clinical year in imu Seremban campus. Heard that almost everyone has found a house except 3 groups of people, including me.

The first thing i have to do after taking our results is to discuss with my house mates about this issue. A few of them forced to take houses at Seremban 2, which is further from the campus, but with a better condition.

Ok, i just received a call from Darren. Tomorrow morning we are going to drive to Seremban to look for houses. Hope can get a descent ones.

Heard some of the seniors' houses got mushroom growing from the wall. Not too bad, can have extra food to add on for steamboat.

But i don't do steamboat at home, therefore i really hope can get a house with good condition.

The only time i went out with friends after the exam was to go eat seafood at Teluk Gong. Somewhere near my area, but not really near, about 20 minutes of drive.

20 minutes i can actually reach subang already.

The food was ok. I've been there for quite a lot of times already. But that was the first time i tried the coconut wine.

Absolutely pungent smelling like your neighbour's armpit, and the taste's just like rotten coconut juice. It's a fermented coconut drink anyway.

MG Shin Musha Gundam - RM168
MG Force Impulse Gundam - RM148
Mr Hobby Flat top coat - RM33
Gold Gundam Marker - RM9.50
Mr Color Gold spray - FOC
True Crime (novel) - RM14.90
Relaxation after exam - Priceless

Thursday after exam we went mid valley for arcade, and after that i went to Carefour to get some models, just like Chan mentioned in his blog;

"Went to Carrefour with my friends as KNNM wanted to check out some models there"

Knn, that fella always call me Knn man but since he curse knn 10 times more than i do.

Since i'm just stoning at home therefore i started to build the MG force impulse gundam first. Standard MG price with standard number of pieces.

Nothing special about this MG, it's just another MG from the Cosmic Era line which i collect the most. It's just the individual planes that make me fascinated over this MG.

Very super sentai-ish design where a mecha is built with a few smaller units.

But not practical. Sien like shit to see the cut scene again and again each of every time Shin Asuka launching from Minerva. Takes like 20 seconds to complete the combination in mid air. Don't know for what.

If the enemy aim at one of those flyers than Force Impulse Gundam would just get GG-fied.

Don't why why i don't feel the excitement from building this MG. The first day i built the Silhouette Flyer and Force Silhouette. Second day the Core Splendor and Chest Flyer minus one arm. Third day i complete the entire straight build.

I think the reason why i don't feel happy for this is because my liner has spoilt! Finally, the tip splits apart and the line is no longer fine.

Therefore it was really hard for me to line the damn lines.

Plus my metallic marker died. Too much of thinner solvent and the paint is gone. I guess it was because the marker spilled once when i shaked it too hard, and the damn silver marker spilled over my room. Even my stethoscope also turned from black to silver.

Therefore i have to leave the touch up part incomplete. Other than that, the weather recently is too cold and windy, thus i'm not able to apply the decals and stickers since i'm not able to spray the top coat.

There were few times i spray my finished models under the windy weather, the coat got blown away instead of sticking on the model's surface. And a can of semi gloss top coat, RM33 just flushed into the toilet and bye bye.

Have to wake up early tomorrow to go Seremban to look for houses. Hope can get a nice one.

PS: Result out on Friday, finger crossed. Hope we all have passed.

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