353# MG Force Impulse - Part 3

353# MG Force Impulse - Part 3

Overall this MG makes no difference from the SEED line. (This sounds like the conclusion already?)

SEED line MGs tend to be more streamlined, taller, and backpacks tend to be bigger and meaner.

And there's something SEED line MGs shared in common - they can't balance on their own feet. But anyway, this particular MG can actually stand by its own. Maybe the force silhouette isn't that heavy.

The SEED MG which has the heaviest backpack is going to be the Strike Freedom Gundam. The weight of the backpack with 8 wings is almost equivalent to the weight of the gundam itself.

Therefore MG Force Impulse Gundam also inherited the general design like the other SEED MG models. You can't help but to admire how BEE-Craft can re-illustrate such ugly looking mecha (i'm sorry, just my opinion) into such wonderful looking model.

Let's put it in this way, High Grade models' proportion looks like a 10 years old kid's proportion. 1/100 scale model ones looks like a teenager's proportion. And ultimately master grade models look like muscular, mature and steady looking man's proportion.

That's how i put it. It really make some sense, because HG is targeted to the younger age group and such.

Come on, how can i not take a shot of the model doing the SEED pose which is already heavy abused in the SEED series?

Even some of the UC gundams also did this pose before. Just can't recall where i've seen it.

Kind of bored with this pose. This is my least prefered pose. Because the right hand holding the rifle with the shoulder joint flexed can give a lot of stress at the shoulder joint. In the end the joint would just wear out and get loosen.

MG's articulation is just getting better and better. MG released years ago are not able to scratch their backs. With the articulation and design developed, most of the MG nowadays are able to reach the back to retrieve the beam sabers.

This particular pose could be interesting in some way since viewer may tend to imagine what would happen next when it is trying to pull out the beam saber.

This is what happens next, pull out the beam saber, and chong...!

The pink beam part is molded in a lighter pink unlike the previous models. There are some silvery particles in it, resembling the beam parts of the MG Destiny Gundam.

Bandai even improved the beam parts in such a way which worth to be credited.

Don't get this wrong. Force Impulse gundam nor the pilot Shin Asuka or Lunamaria are not Christian. Wonder why the shield is designed with this big cross on it.

Even the first gundam ever designed in the year of 1979, Gundam RX-78-2, has a inverted cross on its shield.

It's just a design and doesn't serve any practice function, unlike Unicorn Gundam's X shaped shield during destroy mode, which said to release electromagnetic field.

One of the selling points of this MG is the massive anti ship sword, Excalibur given.

The sword is actually not with the Force Impulse Gundam, but the Sword Impulse Gundam instead, which has two of the swords.

I guess the reason behind is to stimulate the market even more. Most of the people do not fancy over this particular gundam because the over emotional pilot Shin Asuka who pilot it.

People in HK called Shin as "bystander A" and Force Impulse Gundam as "bystander mecha", lol. But i guess in the end they still fall into it after it received the MG treatment.

Another pose with the Excalibur. Not a pose with i would leave it since it cause the joints to loosen very soon. But it still look good nonetheless.

It's being speculated that MG Sword Impulse Gundam will be released. I strongly believe this possibility by looking at the design of the frames. It seemed that some of the parts (part of Excalibur) will be released in double.

And then, Bandai will be able to milk more money from the modelers all over the world.

Thank God i don't fancy over the Sword Impulse like most of the people out there do.

Just like MG Strike Gundam which released in Aile backpack, then the Strike Rogue with the pink color variant.

4 years after that the I.W.S.P backpack, and 5 years after that they released another Strike Gundam with Launcher and Sword backpack with a higher price.

Not to forget that Strike Noir released used back the same inner frame.

This is what we called as "multipurpose inner frame". A same frame can be used up to 5 times!

Back to the massive anti ship sword, the Excalibur. Really massive which may add a lot of stress of the joints like i have mentioned again and again.

However it seems to be longer than Destiny Gundam's one. The downside is that it's not fold able unlike Destiny Gundam's ones.

That's it, double Gunpla post.

PS: EOS 5 result out tomorrow. 3pm, we shall see.

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