354# Mission, incomplete

354# Mission, incomplete

It's been a while.

Time flies, like an arrow. And the arrow has stab to an end. Another 2.5 years have passed in our life.

How many 2.5 years we have in our life?

It's sad, but true. From more than 220 people in M106, finally the number got cut down by exam and exams into the number of 178 people in semester 5.


Yesterday was the day which i was waiting since the day i finished the exam. The day which will make most of the people trebling in fear and stone in agony - End of semester 5 results.

I'm the kind of person who will get stressed up rather easily.

We have received the information where 12 people out of the 178 people failed, and 2 out of the 12 were chinese.

And since the day i got that information, i was fearing to be 1 of those who failed, really.

Those who attended the last lecture, i was in.

To be honest i think i had done well for the exams, at least better than my EOS3, which i passed just nice.

However, accident has no smell. I kept on telling myself malang tidak berbau. Even though how well you did, there's still a risk for someone to step on the landmine.

You will never know.

Second kuala kubu hospital post.

So, everyone was waiting for result outside the AAD. Not to forget some of the people were already start flashing their cameras, since that would be the last time we meeting up each other before everyone fly off to their clinical schools.

Before the result was released, i walked towards the toilet. While i passed by the office, i saw the ladies from the office took out the result.

Oh crap, it's out.

Imu ball 2008

With the speed of light i i lined up in front of the lady who was giving out result. I was second in the line while Trace was the first. Yes, i can't wait to pass.

Trace open her result first. And after that me.


Yes, we passed. And we high five.

One of those birthdays, and this was tks ones.

It was such a relief to see myself passed. Actually everything moves according to plan, but of course i will still be afraid of failing. Like i've said, malang tidak berbau.

Everything moves according to plan as in, i know that i can pass, i expected all my papers' grade will improve by one grade compared to EOS3.

And it really did.

EOS 3 i failed 4 system exams and EOS 5 i failed 3 system exams.

EOS 3 i got B, and EOS 5 i got B+.

It's slow, but there's a gradual improvement, which i wanted.

See you in Seremban

At least all my efforts are not wasted. I know i can't straight jump to score an A, but i'm happy with the result i've gotten.

My youngest sister told me that my dad was glad that i finished exam, because i longer need to imprison myself in my room and they are able to see me again.

But, oh well, at least for this 1.5 months before i go seremban.

shit... which lab coat is mine?

Congrats to everyone who has passed. And for those who didn't, work hard and hope you'll get through the re-sit exam.

For everyone in imu, thanks for all the help, care and knn words through out this 2.5 years. May god bless you.

Thank you!

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