429# Re-entry

This is the 5th day of my short break. Now only I have time to write something here. Or else Da Mang Ren aka the CBS will give me the same title.

I have 30 minutes before rolling out again, herein I shall rearrange my to-do-list for this short break.

1. Meet up with Jun Han to discuss about my elective project in his recording studio - Done.

2. Practice the songs on the bass for the upcoming performances during the university's 10th anniversary - Not done.

3. Take shots for my MG Gundam Exia in Repair mode as for review - Not done

4. Study Dermatology - Started.

5. Take som descent shots as to enter david john's photo contest - Not done.

6. Meet up with friends - This one has no end.

7. Play with my dogs - Not yet done.

8. Send my guitar to change new strings - Not done.

9. Learn new songs - Can't be done if #8 is not done.

10. Complete the poster of our research for the research day - The most impotant one, not done!

Now I realised that this one week break isn't that long, considering the amount of things to be done, where I can only do one in one day, somewhat.

Semester 8 could be the most relaxing semester ever since I entered the university...


stinchan said...

received by liners...but not markers yet. gona start with gp -02a

Mike said...

start your "Work in Slow Progress" posts man.

sin yee said...

Love sem 8 more,Mike!=)

Mike said...

sin yee = cindy lee??
correct me if i'm wrong.
i think i'm wrong :P

Wai Keong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sin yee said...

Wow,good guess!You're right, Mike :)
I'll plan something great for myself if i have such a long break!Like going for MERCY=)

Mike said...

my break ends tmr. today is my last day at home. the battle continues... :(

make sure you plan things nicely so that u can max out ur time to enjoy :D

Anonymous said...

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