426# [Master Grade Review] Gundam Exia Ignition Mode - Part 1

My 11th Master Grade model. Bought during the holiday.

Having a one week holiday means that I had to speed up my work-in-slow-progress into an express one.

I spent about 5 days to complete this MG, including the building, decals, coating and photo taking in its normal mode.

Will snap the photos for the repair mode when I go back home in half a month's time.

So as usual, I still prefer the semi gloss coating. Anyway having repair parts means that flat coat is needed. I coat the repair parts as well as the inner part of the shields with flat.

The tough part of coating them is that there are lots of part is not meant to be coated.

The GN condensers, cables, and the bling bling parts. Therefore before I coated them, I had to remove those parts away.

But specifically for the shoulder's cable, I didn't get to detach it from the shoulder armor, therefore I had to mask it.

With normal cellophane tape. No money to buy made in Japan tamiya masking tape.

But nonetheless it's still effective in covering those parts up from the coat.

Completed Gundam Exia with its seven swords.

One thing I like about Exia is its whole set of swords. Quite the Final Fantasy like.

I found the chromed bling bling parts on the swords and blades a little bit unnecassary. It may look better on the sword, but just plain weird for the blades since they are supposed to be entirely white on the blades.

GN short blade and the beam dagger. A surprising blade which made up from 7 pieces of parts. Very master-gradish indeed.

The GN long blade. The chromed part on the edge of the blade outshines.

A full view with the ignition mode parts apart from the seven swords.

The GN drive isn't cool without lighting it up. I still haven't manage to buy the LR41 batteries. I need 4 of them to light the GN drive up. A USB operated ignition perhaps?

Quite dissappointed that plenty of part swapping needed for the repair mode. I was expecting the entire repair mode head unit will be given but only the damaged parts are given and have to detach the normal mode ones to swap them.

The broken sword looks really cool then the intact ones.

Gundam Exia with its full equipment seven swords and shield attached.

Will continue the review next time.

Time to study ENT.


Yokie(PY) said...

wah so fast complete it!

stinchan said...

yah man..u buy just one week ago man..wait wait til my sd complete! then ill post review as well lol pohyokes turn to buy soon as well

Mike said...

for this model if i work on it 2 hours/day i'll need at least 7 days. but i really push it hard to complete so that i can take photos of it before i left home. so kinda hurry. and screwed up the decals and stickers. sigh.

yokie, you should get those SDs like justin.

Justin, you write reviews for gadgets and games, time for gunpla reviews!

Yokie(PY) said...

soon soon soon
when i have time to go shopping for it and to make it.

Mike said...

go to that shop we went that day la. so near to uni. i you by tat jusco all quite expensive.

stinchan said...

i will make a special section called modelling la k. each day i do one part only...one pic lol.you can comment on how i should improve the piece for the next day. that blog you show me that day not so good la the guide..remember I said he too technical spray this that d..i want marker ones only. read a few online, so i think i got a rough idea now, though have to wait for it to arrive to actually try. eh post la .gif photo of the exias core lighting up k..see worth not you spend so much just for the extra core ! When are you going to buy the Sazabi MG? You need some red in your collection !

yokie> start with the model rx78-2...its bapa gundam, the origin.

Mike said...

chan, the steps you want is too simple and not much of modeller bother to write about it. maybe you can try lowyat forum, i'm not sure. but the basic skills in markering are really simple like i've told you that day.

you can open up a category called as the "WISP" aka "Work in slow progress" for your blog and do daily updates for it, haha!

I'm not planning to get the MG Sazabi, it's kinda old already, there might be a Version 2.0 coming out anytime soon so that's not very worthy. plus since it's an old release, design in terms of strength, proportion and stability isn't as good as the new releases. i believe there'll be a version 2.0 in the future for sure, since sazabi is such a famous MS.

Having said so, i wouldn't mind going for HGUC Sazabi. Newer, smaller, cheaper but less details indeed. Since i already have the HGUC Nu gundam so having the HGUC sazabi is a good match. but there's too much to buy, so my first non gundam/monoeye gunpla needs to wait :(

Yokie(PY) said...

wah! so technical. i think before i start i already abandon the whole process. gosh! i must get something simple to warm up 1st.
see la if i go there maybe can buy one to try. hehehe!

stinchan said...

Its jargon to me mah...like random fella on the road he know what angioplasty is or not. But anyway trial and error I suppose.Ill try it on some other plastic surfaces, like the plastic frames holding the pieces.. Eh, good abbreviation for it, might use it. Maybe I'll make a separate blog for it. I think only you will read it though.

Good good, your collection too much blue and white d...have to vary a bit.

yokie>give it a try, can be quite fun when you're really absorbed into just doing it. My concentration span is short, so I doubt I'll ever buy more than SDs haha

Yokie(PY) said...

i'm worried i might be like mike. i may ended up with more and more.

Mike said...

chan, you've got the idea. yes, when you try to marker right, in order to confirm that the paint is enough to cover the part, try on the frame part aka the "runner". no need open separate blog la, for me, it's easier to maintain if i mix both. but it's up to u la. btw jap research showed that gunpla building increases concentration. so it is adviced to build gunpla before studying. (i was like wtf when i saw the research paper)

yokie, you said you're worried that you might be like me, i was wondering why, ruparupanya you're referring to my extend of addiction... don't worry la, wont happen on you. believe me. really wan.

stinchan said...

I read a thesis paper before by some guy from america, and he compare final fantasy X to real life,making comparisons and how both gaming and the real affects each other.250 pages long, with videos from the game, snapshots etc.really comprehensive.But that kinda research, only can do in gwailo country, cos asian ppl will just think you mou ye chou, do this kinda work. Lol mike, include that in your CV next time okay,if you appl for a surgical post.

dun worry yokie...too become a knn with a purple castle, not easy to achieve.

Yokie(PY) said...

hahaha..... i dont want purple colour castle. i think prince charming would ran away once he see the purple castle.

who knows i may ended up buying more. like the amount of ps2 games i own can open shop to sell them

Mike said...

ps2 games not very expensive only wad, means that u're not spending as much as you may think. so take a chill pill and go to the nearest model shop and start harvesting gundman models! :D

AstrayP03 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AstrayP03 said...

woah! thanks for the info mike!, I think i'll buy a few gundams, stack them up, and build them b4 i study everytime xD

Mike said...

other than increase concentration, it can train your fine motor skills too. i think it does make sense but at the same time, straining your eyes to build gunpla can affect your eyes too. kind of a double edged sword. buying a hell lot of gundams kills your wallet.

so, do your math :P

nowwearefree said...

Could you give me some tips, which parts are ABS...and PS...is ABS the frame of the model (black inner skeleton)? Oh and also which sprays do certain parts require?

Lastly....this link of an ignition mode exia has exia with a rather darker/grayish tint to it.

Was there a type of spray involved here?


Anonymous said...
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