424# Hobby Japan October Limited: XN Raiser

I didn't expect this to hit here so fast!

Thanks to my friend SaiB for preordering this issue of Hobby Japan for me, which comes with the first grad XN Raiser. It was out in Japan last Tuesday, and it reached here on Sunday. Sooner than I expected.

The whole focus of this issue goes to the XN Raiser, which is only available in with the magazine.

Or it's just another way to expand the 00 side story?

Quite nice box art. Dengeki Hobby's Rasiel Gundam and the GN Sefer didn't get a decent box art design so this XN Raiser is a win in term of this.

The box that I got was quite ok in condition. But there was some damage at the side of the box because it was tied up with the whole stack of the magazine.

Content was secured. Quite a number of parts in one runner.

Too bad it's plain white. Means that painting is necessary.

The buster sword are quite big for a 1/144 scale.

It's longer than the MG 1/100 Gundam Exia's GN Long blade.

Extensive coverage of the XN Raiser in the magazine.

There's even a scratch build 1/100 XN Raiser! Not too hard for pro modellers I suppose?

One of the most important gimmick of this XN Raiser is that it is compatible with all the second 2 00 mobile suits.

Not only Exia, even the XIII can mount this kit, but with some modifications needed.

The pin up that I quite happy with - the GFFN Strike Rogue gundam.

I don't like the Strike Rogue's design, but I like it because it's a Katoki's drawing.

1/35 Ver.Ka RX-78-2 Gundam!

The first time I saw it being displayed during the expo I really hoped that it will get a release and it really does. Price is not release yet but I guess being a Ver.Ka + GFFN + limited + 50cm tall model, the price can easily hit RM5,000 once it gets here.

Wish I can have it, but I can't even afford it even it's RM500.

Won't be building this XN Raiser anytime soon, because I don't have the 00 Raiser!

Going to wait for 00 Raiser + GN Sword III, and Hong Kong version of this magazine too. Hope it will be available locally here.


stinchan said...

buy the bapa gundam mike !

Anonymous said...

WOAH! So fast got already! Where you got? Oh! From your friend? I hope i have it. LOL!

AstrayP03 said...

you got yours already :O
Looks good =)

Mike said...

my friend helped me to preorder from time machine if i'm not wrong. 10/9 Hong kong version will be released in Hong kong, but not sure whether the left overs will be shipped to here or not.


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