425# Semester 8.0 - Otorhinolaryngology


Too long? Just Ear-Nose-Throat in short.

Still too long? ENT then.

My first posting for semester 8, started for 1 week. It's a 2 weeks minor posting. Still have 1 more week to go.

The ENT tools. Headlamp and a otoscope.

We need to observe as many normal tympanic membrane as possible so that we can appreciate the normal ones from the abnormal ones.

So far I've seen more abnormal tympanic membranes than the normal ones. Too bad. Most of my friends' cone of light are distorted. Yesterday I saw Aspergillus infection of the ear, white dots in the lump of black, as well as the white creamy candidiasis infection. Won't forget it after seeing it.

Nikki inspecting Sumi.

During the first day of the posting I've got a free consultation from my consultant :D

I have the issue of running nose for quite sometime during morning and I'm allergic to dusk. So my consultant inspected my nose and found out that I've got a septal deviation and right inferior turbinate hypertrophy.

Later on I got 10% cocaine sprayed into my nostrils as local anaesthetic for endoscopy. Found out that I have adenoid hypertrophy, where usually shrink in size after early teenage. And that's the reason for my allergic rhinitis.

By the way, I kept on forgetting to remind my consultant to write me a prescription for a steroid spray for my allergic nose. No, I don't want to do surgery for my adenoid!

Spent almost 100 bucks for biscuit, cup noodle, coffee, note books and toilet roll.

Biscuit is my breakfast, snack and supper, which I like. No, I don't like cup noodles. We know the consequences of eating it but sometimes I don't have a choice.

Minor posting, or rather, semester 8 is a total slack. I need to start to read my ENT book now.


StarGhazzer:太空人 said...

"I have the issue of running nose for quite sometime during morning and I'm allergic to dusk. "

erm... Shouldn't you be allergic to dawn rather than dusk then? :P

I presume you mean dust.

ENT... never really liked it. Mine was stuffed together with the neurology posting and the focus was put mostly on the brain instead. Creamy ears... Geesh.

Mike said...

dust i mean, sorry. i learnt the word dusk earlier than dust so i often mistaken dust as dusk, lol.

i don't see the point of stuffing ENT with neurology, that's kinda weird, even though ENT correlates with neuro...

my friend in ireland has is ENT together with GP, sinc almost 30% of GP cases are ENT. that would make more sense to stuff it in together, i think. just my 2 cents :P

i've got the budesonide spray.i coughed during the first spray. yuacks.


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