230# Reflection...

230# Reflection...

To be true, i'm damn disappointed to myself. And the worst thing could ever happen if draw with a black ink pen happened for few times. Furthermore those mistakes are really fatal.

I still can't get away from my usual style. I tried to beautify the overall feel, but there was still a need for me to spoil it. The hand in the mirror was to simple to be an image. And... Some tragedy happened la... So accidentally i wrecked the whole thing...

Anyway, i'm still going to submit this failed piece. But at the same time i might be submitting the other pieces too - IF i manage to draw something else. Other than during primary school, i've never enter any art competition before, ever. And this is the first time i can submit my work, without any style restriction other than the theme.

About 9 hours to work ruinned just like that... If it was a normal case i could just cover those with blood... But now i couldn't... Sad. I need tissue paper.

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