228# M20

228# M20

Another year has passed. And i'm officially 20.

I planned not to stick my butt at home and face the senseless computer. I need people. I need some fresh air. I need anything other than sitting in a dead silent house.

Thanks to my batch mates, who managed to have lunch with me. Roney, Tucky Lam, Mei Ann, Jun Ken, Yovahn, Keat Seong, Joo Ming... Special thanks to Keat Seong for the Tamil version of birthday song and his strong arms to smash my face onto the chocolate cake.

"This is why my strong arm meant for!"

I can't imagine that the one i've curse upon at post #227 was the one who greeted me first with the sms. Seriously out of my expectation. And maybe she was the one who care of me the most. Whatever.

Kian Leong, Nicole, Renesh, Tenni, Lay hui, Yokie, Suzy, Yee Pei, Chia Yean, Joshua, Siew Guan, Audrey, Jia You, Kong Fui... Oh ya, and also Kelvin and Yonli.

Thank you guys. I really appreciate it. And also this person, whoever shie is la... And also the buddy daddy Justin(e) who sticking his butt at the Australia. Thank God that international sms is not that expensive.

William, Li Joo, Emily, Winnie, Wei-Jin, Mei Wen... Thanks to you all. Mei Wen would have killed me if i did not say that i love her testimonial.

Too bad i can't invite everyone of you all to my place to have a gathering or something (BKT dinner perhaps?). I think it would not happen, forever. Inviting buddies from KL, PJ is really killin' since no one knows where exactly Klang is.

So sorry to few of them, i ffked them in the end for mamak. I needed some rest. Next time alright.

And yea, no pictures post here from the lunch i had that day. The camera wasn't mine. Send me the pictures please roney!

I think i'll love the picture of me with a piece of smashed cake on it.


Nineteen Pt.2

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