226# One e and the...

226# One e and the...

It's been a while since the last day i've blogged. I do write a lot if i'm being idle at home. Now recently i have things to work with finally, so i did not bother to write...

Drum lesson has started since last friday. Pretty nice. Hands and legs coordination is difficult as i could expected. Drum riffs are not a problem since i've paid attention to drums for R&B and metal.

I have attended 2 lessons so far. Found it pretty interesting. Feel like having a set of standard 5 pieces at home. But too bad drums noise is hard to be toleranted. That's why i can't get the licence to have one at home from my dad.

The drum instructor is currently studying at UiTM. A junior of my previous electric guitar instructor who has already graduated. Does UiTM got music course? Well, i didn't know that.

I was asked whether i'm a lefty or a right handed person. I'm a left handed. But i play the guitar like how a right handed person does. Right hand is used to pick and strum, while the left fingers are for chord. Thus the right hand's strengh is greater, and the left fingers' strengh is stronger.

Therefore i'm playng the drums with right handed position, the standard ones. Which hi hat on the left and crash/ride on the right. The feeling of holding the drum sticks and make beats is very enjoyable.

I have no idea how drummer like Joey Jordison can swing his hand with twelve eight timing and play the drums at the same time. But double bass that all metal band have is really my kind of stuff.

So far drummers who i like, other than the super Joey Jordison from Slipknot, Nicholas Barker from the former Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and Old man child's band is also one of my favourite drummer. Although this drummer is kind fat, bald, cannot swing his hair, but his skill is really superb.

Nicholas Barker

Joey Jordison not bad too. He has his own signatured 18" x 6.5" Pearl snare drum. And he can perform his drum skills on a 90 and 360 degree rotating platform. And also his head banging timing count with his long hair... Wondering how he breath with his mask.

Joey Jordison

And his drum set up.

Damn, why am i writing these boring stuff? Just want to have a new post. But if you're looking for something interesting to read,
Yee Pei's page has one.

PS: I have broadband, finally.

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