227# To the world to dictate our death, 2

227# To the world to dictate our death, 2


There was once i had this msn conversation with this old friend of mine. Had the usual chat with an old friend who have not meet for years.

I rarely chat with her since she rarely go online. And each time when she managed to online and found me in the msn, without fail she will ask me about my current status.

"Wei... got gf already not ar...?"

That was getting irritating...

How many fuckin' times people want to ask that fucked up question? And each of everytime i'll give the same answer again and again. Other than this girl, the rest of the people do like to ask the same stuff too.

I don't know how many times i'd need to repeat my line for the answer. Apparently these jokers are not bored of asking the same shit everytime.

My reason, well. No time. I want to put on 100% for my studies. And they don't seem to accept my answer, and reply with the word "sure bo?", "really meh?", "dun lie la" and all kind of fucked up reactions.

Folks, i'm not an excellent student nor an average one. I'm below average. Since the other excellent students put on 100% of their efforts for studies, therefore i'd need to put on 120% of my hardwork in order to catch up.

Although we have only about 2 hours of lecture every weekday, but it doesn't mean that we are enjoying our sweet time.

For each page of lecture notes, we usually need almost an hour to understand, remember and memorize. It's something like reading a story. But we need to remember who, why, what, when, where, which, how of the entire story.

Medicine is not as straight forward, unlike accounting which that girl i mentioned is studying. And she din't even pass her accounting course though. Therefore, there's no reason for this girl to say i'm giving fucked up reasons such as no time, or busy with studies.

Bitch, you have your lifestyle, i have mine. My life is, study, family and friends. With or without a girl friend is not your concern at all. I don't have to report to you even if i had one.

The way you were saying that "2 hours of lecture only ma... i have more leh..." was really pissing me off. Please don't fucking compare an accounting course's lecture with a medical ones. One is a diploma level and one is a degree level, which is the toughest degree.

Free? Yes i did have free time during the semester. And the "free time" i had was time from 12.30am to 5.30am, where i can get my hands off from books, notes or steering wheels.

"Only a medical student will understand a medical student's life"

Motherfuckin' bitch. This person can be listed under the worst bitch i've ever met. Bitch as in the way she critiqued my course, my status, and my choice of being a single.

Wen Ying. If all of these times you were trying to challenge my temper, congrats that you've succeed. I'm not going to meet you up in person nor in group anymore next time.

I don't see you treat me as a friend. But just a mode of transport and a person for you to make fun with. What i got from you are just your fucking teases. And what i got from you through the msn are also the same shits.

Slut, go get a life. Hope you fuckin' burn in Hell.

And also the other sluts. I'm not going to name you all. But i just hope you girls will die one day, as a price of calling me a jerk just because i did not accept you all in the past.

Sie sind es die sich
anderlieb festhalten
fuer immer betend auf knien
vor der (finisteren) goetten

Weltmacht oder Niedergang.

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