223# Why won't you die

223# Why won't you die

As i have mentioned in my 212nd, 213rd and 214th post, the condition is remained until now.

The pariah in front of my house is still alive and kicking, sucking his smelly cigar everyday without fail.

What freaked me out is that, there is actually 2 (TWO) of them who smoke cigar in front of my house! They rarely show up both at the same time together. I don't know why. They take SHIFT.

But one day i managed to see them smoking cigar and chatting to each other. And the same time with another smoker and looking at the other pariahs playing barefootball at the field.

Jin was here on friday night until saturday afternoon. He was lucky because those cigar smokers were not on duty when Jin was around. Or else he would have died of suffocation. And his mighty mother machine gun would fire with double pumped up violence.

"Eh Mike, so that pondok is that one you posted on your blog! You spy kao people for what?"

I don't understand why are these people need to be so "homeless". They do have a family. By the way, since the estate outside my area got flatted to be developed as Bandar Puteri and Bandar Botanic, the illegal houses around were destroyed too. And then these people migranted into my area and infest around.

Those two smokers have a home. But they have no life. Since they aged, jobless, and then lifeless. Nothing to do at home, so they will just lepak at the pondok in front of my house to smoke, sleep and look at the other kids playing barefootball.

For this long, they are still as active as usual. My question is, when are they going to stop smoking cigar in front of my house and stop pollute the air of the entire row of my house?

There must be a reason why. Why there are so many people died in the world, everyday. But not these pariahs.

Let me just list out a few of the reasons why they are not dying yet.

1. Road accident rate is high especially at developed cities. Tmn sentosa ain't a developed one so fatal road accidents are less likely to take place. These smokers are taking no transport. Since they only move around within the range of 100m, which is from their nests to the field in front of my house, and back to their nests, they are less likely to use any transports. Therefore the chances of them got killed by cars travelling at 90km/h is relatively small, rounded up to zero.

2. Crime rate is high especially at not-so-developed cities. Even life is taken by the criminals. Tmn sentosa is one of the not-going-to-be-developed residential area. And 90% of crime admitted are the same kind of people as these smokers. These criminals usually do not hurt their own race. Because,

2.1 - They are sharing the same natural instincts.
2.2 - These people have nothing to rob.
2.3 - They might be the senior of the robbers.

--Therefore they have a higher chance of survivial.

3. Smoking causes cancer. A simple thing which a 6 years old kindergarden kid knows. Smoking causes lung cancer, oral cancer, brain cancer... due to long term habit of smoking. But what if a smoker holds the smoke of cigar in the month only, instead of inhale it into the lungs? Subsequently, the smoker might have only chances of getting oral cancer only. Therefore there's a lower chance of mortality.

4. The more developed a place is, the more stressed the people are. And the flow goes proportionally. Jobless asses face no stress nor pressure of life, just like these two smokers. They only need to eat, sleep and smoke to interrupt people's peace. And that's why there's no reason at all for them to kill themselves. They still alive.

5. Herbicide and pesticide may be dangerous to health. And people are eating vegetables together with it. But these people over here actually plant themselves veges like how they did when they were staying in the estate. No pesticides or whatever is used. They even make themselves natural fertilizers by burning dry leaves and whatever trash found around. In the end their vege is great, free of factory pesticides. And the people around would need to suffer with the fatal smoke released during the process of making their fertilizers.

6. God is fair. They do not have a good brain, but they do have a good body strengh. They won't fall sick that easily if compared to the others. Health is their wealth.

Conclusion: Since there are so many reasons to explain the immortality of these smokers, guess they will still kick ass around for quite sometime. What i need now is a better patience, and more nose hairs to filter their cigar smoke. And more mucus to trap those foreign particles. In the end, my sinus would be getting worse.

Something off topic. Actually i'm quite pity with my mum's part time maid. She is from a typical tmn sentosa family. which the husband is retired, son is jobless and always involved in crime, daugthers either refused to work, or work in factory. And she is the major source of income for the family. The husband never appreciate and always abuse her. Saying that she is having a guy out there, and use violence on her. Yea, what the fuck. The husband is obviously psycho, a diabetic old ED mummy who likes to feed on sugars secretly. I don't mind that this maid always borrow money from us. I understand their situation. This is what happen to the residents here around. But the husband is seriously a bastard.

I hope this post is not going to be sensitive. Because there were few jobless fellas fired me when i posted about the cigar smokers in my 212nd, 213rd and 214th posts. I think they actually typed the word "Kel*ng" at the search engine, and fire kao kao people who use that word.

PS: I think i know what the term means by "Struggle for existence" in ecology. Everyone here is struggling now.

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