40# At the Gates of Heaven

40# At the Gates of Heaven

There was such a long time since i posted my previous entry. Tat was even minutes b4 i made to class. Feel so strange why is everyone able to blog even we got papers to settle. Harpreet, Josh, Su ann, Sekteng... still blogging... Me, i got lost for almost a month. Within these 2 weeks, i had really spent a lot... RM200 something for CDs, RM100 for entertainment, birthday for 3 frens... i was down when i didnt saw Mika's 3rd album on the rack. But i saw Ai Otsuka. I only knew her thru newspaper, just knew tat she did all the lyrics, composing, piano and synthesizers, who is a every talented young gal. Without hesitating, i bought both of her records which costed 87. In the end... these 2 records spent my day and my nite with me when i was studying in my room. She made good songs, no bad. And... she was in the No.1 chart of Tower Records. She rules.

Wed was the last day for our writing paper. Though i screwed up chem seriously, but i was still made up my mind to lepak with classmates. So glad to see Mika's 3rd album there... bought a chinese album for my sister as well. Surprised to see Cradle of Filth's "Cruelty and the Beast" over there which will not appear in general record shops. Though i already got a copy from James, but i still bought the original. Imported from Japan, sort of special edition. Therefore got 2 extra tracks, cover songs with i dun have in the copy, "Black Metal" and "Sodomy and Lust". Those 2 cover sux actually.

Me, Shefong, Yifeng, Ngarshien were on our way to find the others. And i was checking the cruelty CD out. My heart almost strike out when i saw them. Shit... i was trying to cover the CD up from them when one of them asked what Cd i bought. I feel guilty to lie, but it would be better to respect ppl's religion. I would not want one someone to avoid me just bcoz of difference in believing... tat's all...

As John Paul II knocks the door of heaven, guess my grandad will be the next.
He was getting worse this morning. Losing his ability to walk.
Seems he scares to be alone before he goes to the new journey, so we are trying to accompany all the times as we could. My dad seemed to be down all the times. Just now the waiteress's service was so rude. He got pissed off. Luckily he didnt kill her. At least he was still able to control his temper. I understand the situation. Grandad is almost there, as a son for sure will be sad and something. Luckily i'm having my 2 weeks break now. So i can spend more time with my grandad. Maybe just one more week to last, according to his situation now. If the worse thing happened, hope i'm still having my break so tat i'm able to attend the ceremony.

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