44# Beneath the Howling Stars II

44# Beneath the Howling Stars II

The cross junction near my grandad's house is really cursed. Bcoz cars which park right there are blocking the sight of the drivers who come out from the deadly junction. Plus all the drivers drive damn fast right there, once any vehicle come out from the junciton, there goes the bangs.

As mentioned previously, an accident happened days ago. Yesterday we got another one... 3 bangs i heard, we rushed out. My aunt's car which parked perfectly beside the road was involved. The Honda Civic was trying to avoid a Benz, then it crushed to an MPV, after tat my aunt's car. The impact was so strong til the MPV which parked near to the wall of a building crushed the wall. A big hole right there... Apparently the wall wasnt make from red brick, it was just sand brick...

My aunt was angry and talked to the female driver. Obviously that driver went crazy after accident. I followed order and went back to get my cam. Captured photos of my aunt's car, the plate numbers, the situation and stuffs. My dad are already specialised to settle this type of shit, so he required that female driver's IC number. She said tat the car's her husband's, so her IC number is not needed. Fuck tat shit la... The car can be driven by anyone, who noes la if the car plate num is a fake one... Then she lost her sanity, talk shit all around. My hot tempered dad was still able to keep his head on, but my aunt couldnt. She took my cam and took photos of that bitch driver. Of coz this annoyed tat bitch, she went even more crazy.
Then we just chao... everything we needed to do were settled, just need to wait for the report stuffs... Tat bitch really mangsa la, need to pay for that MPV, the wall of the building and my aunt's car. I dunno bout tat benz, bcoz it was parked at the other road...

My cam is still at my grandad's place... so i cant upload the photos tat i'd taken. 2 accidents happened at the cross junction, one on my mum, and i got one too. Shit, this is really bad. I dun wish to experience any accidents anymore. But if witness only tat fine la. Brutal drivers shud learn their lessons by paying back ppl's damaged cars. But hope no one is dead la, or else the road will be cursed.

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