42# At the Gates of Heaven II

42# At the Gates of Heaven II

My aunt came over to visit and check my grandad. She told us everything in eng bcoz she didntwant my grandparents to be afraid. Now his brain in still bleeding, this haemorrhage caused his right side to be numb and lost control. He couldnt feel his right limb and leg. He couldnt sit still either and needed support to sit in order to eat.

She said his condition is getting worse, just couple of days left. It is not too bad to end off all of these as soon as possible. Bcoz the longer his keeps, the more he would suffer. He wouldnt like to have the 3rd operation. He doesnt like to suffer anymore. Plus the 3rd operation has only 10% of surviving. Tat's why he never go for it and just enjoyed for these pass few months with us.

As a doctor, she discourages girls to study medicine. Now we got 2 girls studying medicine, my sister and my cousin. The outcome is just very easy, the problem of relationships. She saw too many cases where her colleagues divorced. In the conventional way, a woman must stay at home and serve the family. Apparently this is an exception for female doctors. Tat's why problems are easily occured between family members. Can u imagine a female doctor with one of her eye black and swelled bcoz of family violence? But for guys are ok. Guys are supposed to work according to the traditional way, but not girls... Well, i dun think i got any comments on this.

In our family, there are around 75 of us. Excluding girl frens boy frens of my cousins, 60 plus... With all the ranks, standards my uncles aunts have, there will be a very long long list of our names... We already ready for newspaper announcement for his leaving and it's goin to cost us a lot...

I'm planning to cover my A2 as complete as possible, but obviously i really do not hav time... Goin out since the morning, evening come back for bathing and at night go out again. We are trying to stay with him at least for these last few moments. I do not want to regret for the rest of my life. I would say, he is a very great man. We are not able to be succeedwithout him bringing us to life, he made it happened.

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