23# Swansong for a Raven

23# Swansong for a Raven

Sad case... Supposedly the CIE Biology book tat i borrowed must be returned to the library on 3rd Jan. Due to some error of my calculations, I got fined for RM20.20...!!

I tot the fine per day late is RM0.50, but the CIE book is diff, counted in hours man! 24 hours per day, u can imagine that... and i must return the book b4 9am of 3rd Jan, damn it man. Piece of shit... Last time i borrowed a chemistry book, late for 13 Days bcoz i din drop it at the bookdrop, put back to the bookshelf instead... C2pid... Fined for RM6.50... But this time is much more scarier, RM20.20 man!!! I can play Dota for 10 hours dy with this amount of money...

I think i dun dare to borrow any book from the red spot dy, it's really killing me.

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