415# Master Grade Review - MG Strike Gundam + I.W.S.P. unit

This is the my very first Master Grade model back to the 2006.

I bought it when I visited the model store in Endah Parade for the first time after recommendation by our batch mate Lieo Jiun.

It was like heaven when I stepped inside there, plenty of gunpla to suffocate a small shop.

I didn't intend to buy an MG that time. I was about to buy the 1/100 Blitz and 1/100 Gold Frame Amatsu. But then my friends who accompanied me that time recommended me to buy an MG, since I didn't not have one. And that point of time I already have built two 1/100 models.

Since Strike Gundam was the main mobile suit in the SEED series and the backpack looked compromising, after reconsideration I decided to challenge myself with an MG.

Before this MG I had assembled a few 1/100 models like mentioned, a few High Grade models and plenty of SDs. Being the first MG, this model in fact meant a lot to me.

Back to the days where I only practice out-of-box/straight building. Now 3 years has passed since my first MG. Hope that my modelling skills has improved.

The above was how it looked like 3 years ago. I only snap the pieces together. During that time I didn't use a proper cutter (I used a metal wire cutter) and I didn't even clean the sprue marks.

And yeah, I didn't apply panel lining, stickers and decals too.

1 year after that I applied panel lining.

2 years after that I cleaned the sprue marks, remaster it with its stickers and decals with a final touch up of flat coat.

And then this is how it looks like right now.

Not much of difference? Oh well, maybe not noticeable in the photos. It turned out to be 10 times better after the touch ups.

Apart from the back heavy I.W.S.P. unit, this MG comes together with the Grand Slam too.

Unlike the one in PG model, this Grand Slam is moulded in white instead of chrome coated.

Removing the backpack returns the Strike Gundam's stability because the backpack is way too heavy to make it stand still.

All SEED mobile suits are back heavy. All of them has exaggerated lumbar lordosis I'd say.

The above is the PG counter part of the Strike Gundam. Of course the PG is way better than this MG. The MG looked cachexic while the PG looked muscular. The MG Grand Slam is white and the PG Grand Slam is chromed bling-bling.

But being a MG model kit, it is definitely a good start. Friendly price, easy construction and yet has one of the best articulation among other MG models.

But then again, back heavy is the main issue here.

In order to make it fit upright on the stand, I had to attach the stand poste-anteriorly instead of superiorly.

As to cancel off the exaggerated lumbar lordosis due to gravity, I placed a small piece of eraser at the space between the waist as for support.

Once these are done, it is able to fit upright on the stand. Posing it is a no-no for me right now since I have done it so extensively and now the joints has gone into Ehles Danlos kind of joints right now.

Master Grade Strike Gundam with the Integrated Weapon System Unit. My very first Master Grade model. Currently standing still in one of the glass cabinet. Has the most damage but this is where my experiences started.

Proportion: 7/10
Articulation: 9/10
Details: 8/10
Poseability: 6/10 (heavy backpack and heavy combined shield)
Price (4,200 yen ~ RM162): 9/10

Overall: 7/10


AstrayP03 said...

this was my first MG kit back in 2007 too ^^

planning to give it a cleaning up after i'm done with my unicorn =)

like you, i didn't really clean the nubs or apply decals... haha

seven6398 said...

nice one.. your skill must have improve a lot after finishing your PG Aile Strike with top coat and decal..

Mike said...

Zhe: still not done with ur green unicorn?

seven: i don't think PG needs high skills to assemble. i think it requires more of patience la, which i don't have.

:) said...

help...i need ur help.... whts the length, heigth and weidth (in cm) of pg aile strike gundam whn its on display stand with pose? i didnt start fixing yet... but i wan to build a glass display cabinet.... tq

AstrayP03 said...

nope =( not much time... This two week gt dem lot of tests T^T
this has gotta be my slowest kit lol

Mike said...

:) - I'm currently away from home, where i keep my PG Aile Strike. But anyway, from my rough estimation, if you were to make a display cabinet for it and being able to pose it you may need a size of 40cm x 40cm x 40cm.

The model itself is already measured 30cm, plus the stand i think it's about 35cm. Therefore equal sides of 40cm of 3 dimensions should be sufficient as to accomodate the pose and the Aile backpack as well.

Just my rough estimation, you may need to make a detailed measurement before you custom made one.

For me I just dismantle the Aile backpack and let it stand in standby mode in the glass cabinet. Since I'm not at home, I won't be seeing it, therefore letting it rest in standby mode is the best :P

Zhe: I didn't fix anything ever since this year's CNY :(

AstrayP03 said...

LOL. mikael? What happened to mike?


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