392# Surgery posting results

We had our surgery posting as our last posting during our semester 6. It was quite fun, not as hard as internal medicine, and was quite straight forward. If medical cases are managed by drugs, surgical cases are then managed by scarpels. For anything else, just "potong"!

Kidding, of course.

Alright, so after 3 weeks of waiting and our result was out on last Monday. Normally it would take 2 weeks but this time I wonder what caused the delay.

When I was walking down towards the Academic Affair Department to collect my result, I saw a batchmate of mine, having a very unpleasant emotion. He told me, only 11 people passed the multiple choice question paper!

Only 11 people out of the blardy total of 27 people passed? That's insane!

Alright, at first, this is the result for our clinical examination.

C+ and above is pass, C is borderline. Grades below it are fail.

Everyone passed. I did quite alright for this clinical examination. My grade is the third highest, B+.

At the other side, i also scored the third highest grade for the multiple choice question paper too.

But the highest score was C+.

I freaking failed the exam, first failure in clinical school... C-...!

I don't know what had happened to our exam. To be honest we have a lot of smart people in our posting, so this result was not convincing at all.

Just like the rest of the 16 people, I failed the paper as well. Being in the same boat with so many people at least make me feel slightly better...

Obstetric clinical examination in 7 days...

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