390# Obstetrics

2 weeks of Obstetrics posting has just passed.

We only have 5 weeks for the posting. Clinical examination is on 1st of April. 3 more weeks to go and I feel that I'm still very empty inside.

Too much to study, too little time.

I actually have a problem with this posting. It is so different from the postings that we have done. Pregnancy is not pathological at all but physiological instead. Thus most of the times we are not treating a patient, but a "mother" instead.

Perhaps the word "treat" isn't very appropriate. Most of them get admitted, deliver their babies, and discharge without any complication.

But some of them got admitted due to underlying diseases, or complications of their pregnancy. Thus in these cases the word "treat" sounds more appropriate to use.

Most of the patients are very friendly, I mean, very. Last Friday I had my first case presentation and I was not very prepared.

Being the first case presentation and I was not even sure which part of the history need to be covered, I presented the case very badly. My lecturer was not very happy with my presentation and I got fired quite badly.

But the patient backed me up. She even clarify the sexual history openly, which I prefer not to disclose in front of her presence and willing to get fired.

When I was doing palpation of her post lower segment Caesarean section abdomen, I even caused pain to her because I did not control my strength properly. I have to say that I was damn wrong in doing that, I'd just fail my exam just like that if that was an exam.

But this patient said to the lecturer, "Never mind, let him try".

I was so touched. A very good person. Too bad I did not follow her up that night. Guess she has discharged and I hope she did.

Tomorrow I'll be posted in the labour room for 1 week. I have already observed a delivery during my call few days ago.

A very "fast" delivery. Because while the patient got pushed in, she was already in second stage of her labour. And the baby just got delivered within seconds.

Too bad that was not a wanted pregnancy and the patient was just 15. I feel very sorry for her, hope both of the patient and baby are doing fine now.

I guess obstetrics is not something that I'd enjoy because it is not a disease based speciality unlike other postings. But still it is very important for us... to get through the exams, and during houseman ship.

But I know some of them quite interested in this posting and want to get specialised in this field though.

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