391# FG Gundam Rasiel

Luckily I managed to get a copy of this issue. Dengeki Hobby January 2009, Hong Kong version. Comes with the First Grade Gundam Rasiel which is the main Mobile Suit in second season of Gundam OOP.

Third issue of Dengeki Hobby with I bought with free (not exactly free, you pay more for it) parts. The first I bought was with Primrose, second was Gundam Astrae conversion kit, and this third one is the whole Mobile suit!

The box condition is better than I expected. Did not get damaged badly. And the contents are intact. No problem.

When it comes to free stuffs, I usually get two copies of them. Too bad when I spotted this in the magazine store it was already the last copy. But I've asked my youngest sister to grab another copy, luckily.

I'm not very sure whether I'll put these together or not. Surely it is very easy to be assembled. But being a First Grade kit, it is for either younger age group people who just want to snap fit the pieces together, or for extensive modellers who like to challenge their modification and painting skills while perfecting this First Grade into a pseudo-High Grade model.

One runner only and that's it. And they are all moulded in single white colour. It is sure a pain in the arse to paint them.

For extensive modellers, it can be modified to have articulations, using parts from other High Grade OO series models. But I wonder if there's anyone locally who will do it, since Gunpla are getting more expensive nowadays.

Parts are really small! That's my left thumb and a pilot G-2 pen in relative to the size of this model's helmet.

Won't be messing with it. Bought the Perfect Grade Skygrasper + Aile Striker weeks ago and it is still at home. Will complete my Perfect Grade Aile Strike Gundam after my exam, hopefully.

And then I shall take a break from Gunpla.

Reason #1 - Recession
Reason #2 - End of Semester 7 exams
Reason #3 - Don't really have much to buy.

Pending list:
1. Master Grade Sinanju Gundam
2. High Grade Universal Century Sazabi
3. High Grade 00 Raiser


stinchan said...

Knn, where's RX-72 in the list !

Mike said...

haha... The MG RX78-2 Version 2.0 is too retro for me, don't like it. Sorry la, baba gundam. Other than gunpla, for baba gundam if i really wanna get one maybe i'd consider painted models like Gundam Fix Figuration or something...

stinchan said...

remind me of my sd rx78-2 that lost the red thing on top of his head. eh mike, buy a SD rx78-2 and make it like pg for me...spray paint all that =D

Mike said...

remember i told u that i wanna make a complete SD Exia for you? Now i really doubt that i would have the time to do so... semester 7 is no joke man. Can die 1. But i'll see how la. I'll try to make it for u :(

stinchan said...

yeah i remember man....glad you remember ! thought you forget d. haha no hurry la...can do slow slow mah...one day do one small part. yeah i know you guys damn busy.

Mike said...

i don't even have time for my PG. 3 months already still hangin there :(

Wait til i finish this posting, then i slowly do when i'm free la haha.

Trans Arm SD Exia!

Anonymous said...

Where you got this? I been searching it for days!

Mike said...

> FreedomWen: I got my first copy in mynews at Jaya Jusco Seremban and second copy at AEON bukit tinggi klang's popular bookshop. So far i didn't see it anymore guess it is out of stock? Good luck for you man. Get ready for the february issue too, GN Sefer.


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