347# MG Unicorn Gundam - Part 1.0 Unicorn Mode

347# MG Unicorn Gundam - Part 1.0 Unicorn Mode

Another filler post to push all my emotional posts down. I don't wish those things to fill the top post and i don't think you all would like to see those each time you come surf in here.

But i don't think it's good to write another gunpla related post, because chan will sure char kao me again with his usual line;

"Play gundam some more, play la and keep failing your exams!"

I've stopped my modelling "career" for quite sometime. The last gunpla i bought was 1/100 Gundam Virtue which was more than 1 month ago, and it's still not completed yet.

Actually i've assembled this MG long time ago, it was my first MG of the year.

And after few months of leaving it in the cabinet, i decided to apply the stickers and the decals.

Since those things are supposed to be applied, so instead of keeping them in the box, why not i just try to apply them to make the model look better?

Being a Ver.Ka MG designed by Katoki Hajime, there are overwhelming decals and stickers to apply.

The time i took to apply those 100+ stickers was more than the time i actually spent on in assembling it.

That 3 nights i spent before i sleep to apply them were a pain in the eye...

Stickers (those tiny red marks on the model) and decals with measure of 4mm x 3mm were plain troublesome, to make things worse the dry transfer decals are too fragile and i spoilt a few of them.

And for more than a few times, i stick the decals at the wrong position, not before i notice it. Unlike stickers, there's no turning back if a decal is applied wrongly.

I was kind of lazy so i didn't use the standard method in applying the stickers and decals. I've learnt my lesson now.

Now due to time constraints, all of my models are left in the cabinet to be covered with dust. I always wanted to take all of them out so that i could clean the glass cabinet but i would never have the 30 minutes to do so.

Today i reached home early since lectures were from 8am to 10.30am. Once i stepped into my room i notice this harmony sunlight shone into my room therefore i took the camera to snap a few photos with the natural sunlight.

Taking photos for gunpla is best done with natural sunlight, at least i would think so. But the main problem is the intensity of the sunlight, white balance and all other settings of the camera, which i am not master with.

That's why i used Auto mode to take all these, and they don't look as nice as i wanted them to be.

Just feel like posting pictures of the Unicorn mode only for now and save the Destroy mode for next time.

For some reason i prefer the Unicorn mode than the Destroy mode.

The main gimmick of this MG is that it' s able to transform in between these 2 modes. The designer has succeed where lots of collector and modeller bought this MG even though there are not the Universal Century era fan.

Including me.

I thought it would be cool to pose a silhoutte of the Destroy Mode with some red inner psycho frame revealed. But i just remembered that i've posted pictures of the Destroy mode before.

Oh well. Wait until i have the mood then i'll write again.

Review pending:
- MG Zeta white unicorn version
- 1/100 Virtue and Nahleeh
- Rebuild of MG Unicorn Destroy mode
- Rebuild of Gundam Exia
- Rebuild of Gundam Dynames
- Rebuild of Strike Gundam + I.W.S.P.

"there are some things that you think you know, but in actual fact you don't." - HKC.


AstrayP03 said...

I agree... the unicorn mode appeals to me more than the destroy mode ^^

Mike said...

the destroy mode somewhat looked out of proportion... the lower limbs are too long. unicorn looks better :P


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