344# Sensational Symphony

344# Sensational Symphony

It's over!

Imu ball 2008 held by us, the semester 5 of year 2008, M106 batch.

The committee did a very good job in organising this event. Salute.

It's all over, for us the band member. 2 weeks of hard work.

For the sake of the performance, my timetable goes with 3 to 8 hours of practice and 3 to 4 hours of sleep a day. And this is going to be a history.

Outside of the ballroom in the morning, before getting infested by the formal and impressive.

Like the committees, me and my band members reached at Park Royal Hotel around 10am to set up. I'm a bit upset about the lack of human power where i had to carry the instruments around.

Imagine, friday night after the rehearsal. Carry the instruments back to music room and to my car. Then saturday morning carry them from the music room into the cars. From the cars up to the ballroom of the hotel, and then in the end of the show from the ballroom back to the cars, and then then from the cars back to music room in imu.

While i am typing this, my whole body ache. The lactate built in my muscle is eroding my senses and this may take few days to heal. I thought i could just sit back and enjoy since this is my last ball in imu bukit jalil. Apparently i was wrong.

Well made decorations by the committee, i was there when they were making these.

Alright, i think no one is interested about all these negative things.

After setting the instruments up, around 11.30am a few of us went to Sungei Wang for brunch. Went back to hotel again to rehearse for the last time.

Since the ballroom is big unlike the music room in imu, i was able to step on the bass drum harder. That was the key point in making my beats constant. I felt so much more better and consistent playing on stage.

The stage. Too small for us.

The event starts on 6.30pm, we had so much time to kill until that time. 1pm, Kee Chun, Justin and me had nothing better to do and we went to Time Square.

And few hours before the ball i bought my suit.

Lieo Juin called me to help, he freaked out when i told him that i was buying my suit.

A bit regret that i didn't buy earlier, should have done it. What's worse is that the suit i bought was too expensive for myself and i think that i was just wasting money. But anyway, i'll wear it again and again so i hope it worth the money.

Room 1614. Guitar stolen from Seng Chye.

Thank god that the committee has a room to bath and change. Since there's only 1 room for so many of us therefore we had to queue up. And by the time i bathed, i changed straight since it almost 6pm already.

Can't imagine that i bought the suit a few hours before the ball started. Has anyone out there did the same?

Let's dream with the Quandoness. You can only see 14 of us in this picture.

Our band's performance was the last in the list, after the crowning of the ball king and queen. A very large line up of us, only from us, where we filled the whole stage entirely.

2 vocalists, 1 guitarist, 1 bassist, 1 drummer, 1 pianist, 3 percussionists, 7 violinists, 1 saxophonist and 1 flautist. 18 of us in total.

No, you can't see me from any of the pictures you could possibly find. Not only i was blocked by the drums, i was blocked by the violinists and vocalists too. That explains why no one knows i was playing up there.

Saxist Justin. Broke back mau turn part 2.

Quando, quando, quando by Micheal Buble and Nelly Furtado. The only time i listened to the real song was 1 hour before the ball started, because i practiced with the MIDI made by Kee chun only.

Anyway i think i didn't do any mistake during the performance. Just that my realm snare and cymbals hit by brush weren't loud enough for the performance because of the crowd.

The PA system was not in optimised either where i could hardly hear the voices. In short, i couldn't hear them other than the bassist.

Band manager + song arranger + instructor of ALL 8 instruments + male vocalist - Kee Chun.

Of course, i could hear the sax damn well. The only loud instrument which needs no amplifier other than the drums.

Justin's part on the sax could be the highlight of the whole song, that explains why he was so stressed and practiced so hard.

Both of us are still new in our instruments and we were asked to perform a jazz song therefore we seriously had a hard time within these 2 weeks.

Only 15 of us in this picture, 3 more were missing. Really hard to get everyone together since everyone was everywhere.

While we were performing, the prom king and queen danced and the dance floor. And the rest of them joined in. That was really fun to see people dance with our music. I mean, we really made it.

I had a few positive feedback from our friends. They really liked our song because it was something totally out of the box. I'm so glad that people enjoyed our performance. Thank you!

Kevin as the ball king, congrats! You and Caryn rocks.

Alright, enough of things about performance. The whole point about a ball is to dress up and camwhore.

I was really amazed by how impressive imu people can dress up. I could hardly tell who is who from the back and i had to walk around to find out who was in front of me. You guys are just crazy cool.

Caryn, the ball queen. Congrats again!

But for me, i suck in getting attention. I was just being what i always look like in imu, plus the suit, that's it. I styled my hair like usual, wore the shirt i go to imu, didn't polish my shoe.

Now i have the thought that i didn't respect the event well. But anyway i don't think that there are anything that i could do to stand more since i was already in the hotel since the morning...

My whole point was just to be casual, therefore i didn't even put my tie on, even though i brought 2. But anyway i think it was good enough for me already, at least i tried.

Should have style up my hair like Super Saiyan. Aiks.

Winnie the Pooh aka Wai Teng never fail to impress people around her. Red outshines.

By the way, I think some of you all noticed that i carried my tendon hammer bag around. You asked me why, my answer of "being standby as a doctor" wasn't really convincing and i hope that you all get the punchline.

That was actually where i kept my drumsticks and brush. In case if you were wondering.

In the end i got tired of answering the reason why i carry "tendon hammer" around, i just took out the sticks and hand carry them.

Dr. Jo and Dr. Jennifer Perera.

Dr. Jo and Dr. Jennifer won the best dressed male and female lecturer. But i didn't see them show up, did they?

Kiren and Bee Ling won the best dressed male and female too. I was busy preparing for my performance so i didn't take any photos of that.

Oh wait, did i mentioned that i didn't bring my camera's battery? I didn't take any photos at all. Actually i did, but helping people to take with their cameras.

Lydia, the super duper hot camera lady.

Initially i was stoning around because i was really tired. Imagine whole week without sleep plus all the hard work.

This is the point, when you are stoning around and have nothing to do, you will be called to be a cameraman and cameras will be tossed onto you. I got that quite a few times...

I was nothing but i cameraman, ah huh...

Tenni looked very young in this gown. So sweet.

When the ball was over people won't leave just like that. Everyone hanged around outside the ballroom to continue camwhoring. Unlike early before that where i was feeling exhausted, that was when i took the most picture because of post-performance adrenaline.

Justin was posing around with his sax and he played a small part of his solo. That was really loud and sweet and he won a second applause of the night. I got high that time too. If we really could, we can actually have an acoustic, live Quando outside there with everyone around!

But too bad no drums for me.

Can you tell which one is me? Most of the guys were wearing black...

After the ball everyone went to clubbing or pub or things like that. Too bad my day didn't just end there where i had to carry the music instruments back to imu.

In the end, Kee Chun, Kay Man, Justin, Kin Chern and i went to mamak after all the man work. The food served in the ball was a disappointment, plus we were too busy and we didn't get to eat much. Therefore sadly we had to eat mamak to end our day, night i mean.

Thanks again to all the ball committees and everyone of you all in the band. Special thanks to our band manager kee chun in training us, without you we wouldn't have gone this far.

Thank you!

PS: All visuals stolen from Justin, Wai Teng and Lydia. Used without permission.

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