343# Bossa Nova

343# Bossa Nova

This week has been a hectic week. I know i always say this but damn, everyday seems to be a busy day.

Central Nervous System's schedule is really screwed up. Lecture starts on 4pm on Mondays and the rest of the weekdays lecture/pbl starts on 8am.

Means that i have to wake up at 5.30am and have to leave home before 6.40am to prevent the traffic jam. I got caught in the jam for few times, which i ended up spending 1 hour and 40 minutes in the jam.

Since so much time is wasted in traffic or avoid traffic, lots of sleeping time is sacrificed. I'm a photosensitive person where i prefer to wake up at 8am when the sun has risen.

There was this day i slept at 2 something and wake up at 5am.

Not only lots of time is spent for all these, i have been spending time to practice for imu ball's performance. My very last performace in imu bukit jalil.

I was struggling within myself whether to perform or not. I wish to concentrate my time for my studies since i can't afford to fail anymore. But this would be the last chance for me so i mustn't just let it slipped away.

I declined kee chun's request as a drummer a few times. In the end i was ordered to play somehow. Last chance already anyway.

As a beginner, jazz music is definitely, extremely, undoubtedly hard for me. We are going to perform a bossa nova style song for the ball.

I do listen to pop jazz but i'm not a big fan of the genuine jazz genre. My experience of pop, pop rock and metal music in drumming really pulls my skills down for jazz drum.

Jazz drum ain't an easy drum like other genres do. As far as i concerned, jazz music is the hardest music to play with. Few years back when i still taking electric guitar lessons i learnt a few jazz scales and chord.

I really enjoy playing it but those chord are really hard to hold and hard to remember. I've returned all those knowledge back to the instructor already.

For a guy who can handle all kinds of key, wind, string and even percussion instruments, kee chun arranged the score and guide me all the way for the song.

Like i mentioned, i am more familliar with the general drum grooves therefore i'm working really hard for this boss nova style drumming.

5 more days to meet each other in uni to practice together, hope i won't spoil the show.

This is going to be Chan's first on stage performance. He is the one who convinced me to perform. And i convinced him to go for the ball instead of a perform-and-run performer.

Chan's practicing really hard since he has never performed in front of the others before. Saxphone isn't a very common instrument to play with so he can hardly find anyone to share.

Unlike guitars or piano, anyone within your stone-throwing radius can play either one of the instruments, or even both.

I should be studying now. CNS kills

All visuals stolen from
http://www.rubix-complex.blogspot.com/ without permission.

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