346# Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen

346# Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen


Why this will happen again? I'm sick of hanging in between 60% to 64.9%, i want to pass my exams!

We already sat for 8 system exams until now, and i have got 5 B-.

It's good to be consistent but i don't mean consistent in failing!

60% - 64.9% is such a small range, but how the heck could my results reach that level only for 5 freaking times?


KNN why am i still trapped in the curse of B-? Why are there no ups and downs in my exam results?

Why imu set the passing rate as 65% and above? Why 64.9% still can't pass? Why B- fail and B above only can pass?


What happened can't be changed, so i want to pass the remaining to exams and of course my finals!

I want anything above B-, anything above 64.9%!

I want to pass! Please!

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