408# Orthopaedics - Time Fracture

Research Project
Finally done writting the report and a soft copy has been handed to our professor by my group mates. Done with all the brain-cracking works. Hope our report is acceptable and not much of correction needed.

Case Summaries
5 case summaries for current posting. Done none. Not sure when to hand in, it's my duty to find out. Will do it tomorrow. Hope it's not end of 4th week which I heard from Darren.

Intergrated Medical Seminar
I just know that the session is brought forward to this month, but don't know which week. My group is working on the subject about connective tissue diseases. Me and Andrew are supposed to do the introduction and the differences between each connective tissue diseases. Currently I still haven't do anything about it yet.

Orthopaedic clinical exam
On next Friday. 12 days left. There's so much to study and so hard to digest. Very dry. I just hope that I can take good history, perform good clinical examination, interpret X ray films, CT scans well and answer questions correctly.

Community and Family Case Study
Most of the people already done their reports. I haven't even visit my patient yet, because he has followed his family to go back to his hometown far away since it's school holiday now. Me and my partner can only visit them after the school holiday, which is my exam week.

End of Semester 7 exam
2 more months to go. Still have paediatrics posting before this big thing. Not sure about others, I'm one of those people who haven't even start my semester 6 revisions.


Dani Filth

Tomorrow is going to suck.


Zzzyun said...

im sure u did u great job of being posting leader :)

jiayou ya!

Mike said...

i don't think so la. no matter how hard i work on it there're still ppl who are not happy with me. to be frank enough i really hate this job. i've nvr hated any work like this so far.

1 more week... then i'm done.

Zzzyun said...

well what i'd learnt is that we can never pls everyone. as long as we'd done our best, that is good enough for our own conscience. :)

Mike said...

perhaps i shall not hate. some say i have somatic complains because there's just too much of hatred within me. i'm learning not to hate slowly. So far i think i've done my very best. it's not something easy for a person to handle, especially a person like me with such a low threshold... sigh. blek.

hope tomorrow will be better.


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