409# Gundam Fix Figuration #0013 PLAN303E Deep Striker - Part 2

Opened the box already finally. Didn't have enough time to take nice photos though. Just made a few quick shots, played with it with photofunia.

Here we go.

S- Gundam

Ex-S Gundam

S-Gundam [bst]

Deep Striker

Closer view

Back view

Quite a fun photo editing online programme. Have fun!


AstrayP03 said...

lolz. photofunia's a great for us who don't know how to use photoshop ^^

Mike said...

but there's limited effects :(
still fun nonetheless.

AstrayP03 said...

hey mike, i know you probably won't agree to this, but no harm trying right?

wanna trade ur FG Rasiel for my FG blitz? =D

Mike said...

sorry to tell you tat, i have no interest in FG Blitz. haha. how despo you are. wonder if got pirated FG rasiel or not lol.

AstrayP03 said...

haha. yeah, kinda despo. cus i think rasiel kinda cool lorh... and not to mentioned i missed it during my taiwan trip last yr...

saw it, but din really have any interest.... until i saw pics of it!!! >.<

Super nice!!! xP

I have four FG Blitz lol. my friends went C2AGE in Help Uni... and gave me -.- dunno wad to do wif it... i think i'll use it to practice XD

Evaritus Lau said...

In Sabah think saw few of those FG Rasiel on taiwan version mag..not sure still got or not...

Yeah photofunia is great tool with limited effect to choose from, but some of the effects is just too nice to reject. =)

Yeah, hard to do like that in photoshop !

Mike said...

Zhe: you actually saw them! too bad la, too late for you :(
4 FG blitz? Oh man. I have a fren from HELP too but i didn't hear anything from him regarding the event.

Eva: I'm quite sure those already sold out since it's quite a few months already. if available then the price would be sky high though. I heard there's another programme called the photomania. similar to photofunia. still yet to try.

Chris said...

Saw Deep Striker recently too. Guess it's G.F.F. season in Malaysia. But it costs a whopping RM479, the huge gap between MG and PG is filled! lol

Oh, this thing is lovely, and though Stamen is impressive in size, Deep Striker beats it in amount of gimmicks.
If I'd ever get a GFF, it would definitely be this.

Nice little program there. XD

Mike said...

hey chris, where did u spot that deep striker which such crazy price? Following this Deep Striker I'd like to get the Stamen but it's not easy to spot at my local stores. Get it if you see it before it's gone... GFF isn't that popular in msia due to its price...

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