337# 1/100 Gundam Dynames

337# 1/100 Gundam Dynames

I've fixed this long time ago but i didn't bother to write anything about it due to the tmnet streamyx problem (since when they don't have a problem?).

I think this model kit deserves a review therefore i'm writing one for it now.

Being a 2,300 yen kit, i have no idea why did i buy it with RM83. Could be cheaper than that i think.

Posterior view. Why are the thrusters on its buttock? Damn ugly. But whatever...

By the way, the beam sabers are mounted at the side of these thrusters.

The V-fin can be pulled down to reveal the "hidden camera" (oh yeah yeah) of higher sensitivity behind it. Used for precise sniping purpose.

Anyway, I didn't bother to use the stickers given but simply paint it with metallic grey instead.

Before i forget, i've to say that this kit requires quite a lot of painting. Grey is the most used color in painting it. Red color is needed in painting the square parts at the V fin too.

Similar with the 1/100 Gundam Exia, almost all weapons of Gundam Dynames are given in this kit.

GN full shield, GN sniper rifle, GN beam pistols and as well as the beam sabers which Lockon Stratos refused to used are included.

It may look cool with the GN full shield, but the price to pay is already under my prediction.

The weight of the shield may pull down the shoulder, and in the end that particular joint may be loosen. And that already happened...

Therefore sometimes the full shield should be taken off and let it rest for a while.

Although this may take away the visual coolness of Dynames, but it allows the vision to be focused on the mobile suit itself.

GN beam rifle could be one of the coolest rifle i have ever fixed. It's rather easy to fix with since it's just a 1/100 scale model, but the rifle's details are fully expressed in this kit.

Besides, it isn't too heavy therefore there is not much of problem in posing with it.

Sniper mode, the so called.

It's rather stiff i'd say. But it can really pose in such a way so it still worth a complement.

GN beam pistols. Having two pistols really reminds me of Strike Noir gundam. Pistols are stored at the lateral side of the calfs when not used.

However, i still think that Strike Noir looks cooler in pistols.

I think most of the people know how does the beam saber looks like, so i'm just going to skip it.

Conclusion, highly detailed, highly posable and highly recommended. Most of the people prefer Dynames than Exia though.

Still waiting to get the Kyrios. Virtue/Nahleeh is coming out this late March, and then my GN line of Celestial Being can be completed.

That's it.

Happy Chinese New Year.

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