338# Nobody's listening

338# Nobody's listening

Sometimes it's a real headache of having destructive visitors.

You can't tell them in such a way that...

"Hey, your children are so powerful, would you mind having them in your house before you come to mine?"


"Hey thanks for not stepping into my room and thanks for not destroying my belongings which you are not going to pay me back.

No matter how much you hate those kids, or people, they will still go to you, every year.

And each of every year, something is meant to be broken.

When we found out that our "relatives" were about to visit us, we panicked.

My youngest sister locked the piano and the rooms. I ran to my room and stay in there to ensure no one walks in and touch my guitar and my models.

Just one hand is enough to push my glass cabinet down and kills thousand and thousands worth of models.

When they left, i went down to the living room to play pingpong with my other cousins.

I heard my sister crying.

And i found out that there was a freaking hole at the piano's cover.

She locked it. My dad warned them. He stopped them for 4 times from opening the cover.

The kids couldn't open it, when no one was guarding the piano, the 2 year old kid used his force and opened the locked cover.

The lid came out, leaving a freaking big scratch hole on there.

I was in my room what it all happened. If i were there, and if that happens in front of me, i wouldn't care much and i would farking scold and slap that kid in front of his parents with my full force. Would farking scold kao the parents as well because we had farking warned kao them.

I already have master grades worth more than half a thousand gone because of a friend, and i won't want these kind of shit to happen again.

A piece of shit...

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