455# 25th March 2011

The calendar marked the brand new chapter,

Through all the pain I have survived under,

She came to me like a light bringer,

In my brain carved the image of Her.

Alone in the dark with Her picture,

After all the blood and the wasted tears,

The sun still shines after these years,

From six feet under I fell in love with Her.

As I handed Her the flowers,

Of three roses shone with crimson red in color,

She smiled without giving an answer,

Without fear I waited beside of Her.

Patience and perseverance be my neighbor,

Crawled out of darkness just to see Her,

Wait; please don’t walk any further,

Not there, stay with me and be here.

I held her close and whisper,

To Her ears, that I missed Her,

Please walk with me together,

Towards our lives, we live forever.

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