453# The Sinister Calling

This could be the longest hiatus I've ever taken since this page was born back to the end of year 2004.

It's been 6 months and a few minutes ago I decided to resuscitate this site. It doesn't really matter anyway, since no one is really it. Are you?

When I started this page I was still doing my college studies. The ranting goes along until I finished college, taking the half a year break, entered the medical university.

After 5 years of hard work in the medical university, and now I've completed my studies, and graduated as a medical doctor.

When I look back, the path I took was not easy. From a person who was illiterate in English I have managed to learn and survived the harsh conditions in the medical school and hospital ward work. I can proudly say, nothing is impossible.

The joy of graduating my degree was, actually nothing.... as expected. Each time after I pass my End of Semester exams, I didn't feel any happiness which I was supposed to have. It rather expressed in the form of sigh of relieve.

Immediately after getting our results and passed as doctors, me and my friends returned to the place where everything begins - Bukit Jalil campus to practice for our performance for our graduation ball.

As always, last minute practice. Luckily it was just a small performance between three of us. Everything went smooth except that my lead kind of off when I got distracted by my friend who walked onto the stage during the performance.

Graduation ball, where all the new born doctors meet each other in full number for the last time. A night full of photo takings, laughter, reminiscence, and gratefulness.

That was the night, where I thanked a person who was the main source of my pain, just to sum things up, and wish the person all the best.

"Thank you for all the pain".

Once ball was over we packed and we reached Vietnam after 1 day post ball. With the same friends whom I been to Singapore with a few months ago, we traveled up north for our graduation trip. The 6 days trip was fun, hectic, and extremely adventurous.

Overall it was very enjoyable, nice food, cheap beer, nice experience. With exception that the Can to town was flooded during the evening when we got there. But we took it as a different kind of enjoyment.

One day after touching down back to my country, we met up again for BKT meeting and then the I-city visit. Adrian called it "Electr-I-city" which I have to agree. That could be one of the last gathering between us, which I don't wish to. I really miss them now.

Having been through the most difficult times back in semester 9, I'd say the end of semester 10 was another new beginning for me.

Meeting a person who could potentially change my life a few days before exam has gave me the chance to view things from the other aspect. This change that I am having now will support me through out my life. And I hope it will.

"Thank you for coming into my life"

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