450# Chthonic - 49 Theurgy Chains cover

I didn't really feel the last semester has started, because we had so many holidays during the previous few weeks back.

We had a one week break so I went home with a few things in my to-do-list.

1. Make one guitar cover
2. Draw a drawing for university's art competition
3. Take photographs of the gundam to enter David John's competition
4. Panel line the RG RX-78-2, apply decals and top coat
5. Revise all 6 episodes of SAW movies
6. Meet up with friends from college and bukit jalil, seremban.

Notice the academic part was missing?

I had a very taxing CFCS report to complete and I somewhat did it until certain extend. I spent 2 hours typing it, and the rest of the 5 hours was on the guitar...

So the whole holiday was spent for my hobbies. That was when I noticed how much the studies had taken away what I used to like.

Anyway I fulfilled most of the things that I wanted to do, except the gundam part, which I didn't have time with, and couldn't do it because of my left hand being traumatised, by 3 days of extreme guitar playing.

I played a few new songs, including Chthonic's 49 Theurgy Chains, Onset of Tragedy, as well as Dimmu Borgir's Verdesbyrd. But somehow only the first song was easier to complete since the other 2 songs' solo were kind of hard and need more time.

And here you go, the first outcome during my 1 week holiday;

Chthonic 閃靈 - Forty Nine Theurgy Chains 鬼縛 (cover)

That's one of the fastest song (195bpm) that I had came across so far. The song structure was surprisingly simple, but the riffs were hard to remember and the fingers had to run across strings swiftly, with the pinched harmonies... All these I found them to be difficult.

The first part wasn't that good and slowly the second part was better. I recorded this after 3 days of practicing. It was recorded after like 20+ times of practicing, so basically I was drained while playing it.

Constructive comments are welcomed :)

PS: One of my electric guitar's output cables got detached and I need to solder it back. Wonder if it would be cheaper for me to buy a solder set or send it to a guitar shop to repair? Hmm. Gonna do it fast because I'm guitarless now...

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