449# Goodbye Seremban

For a place which we have stayed for the past 2 years, Seremban was not too bad afterall.

Of course it took me months to get used to stay there, since that was the first time of me staying outside home, living outside my comfort zone.

It is such a small place and I guess I have finished discovering the place, except the hill outside my house - I have not go for the hill hiking although I have stayed there for so long!

After taking our End of Semester 9 result, we went home to enjoy our short break. Most of the people moved their stuffs to Batu Pahat straight after exams. But I think that was quite time consuming. Therefore 3 days before the commence of Semester 10, we went back to Seremban to pack, and move out on the next day. Go south straight and start our new semester straight away there.

I thought packing was easy since I had little stuffs with me, and I always keep my items organised. But there were bits and bits of stuffs here and there and when they added up it could really be time consuming.

I literally emptied my room. I brought along my exercutive chair and mattress, which took up most of the space of my car. Thankfully my car space was huge enough, I even carried my stand fan, stand lamp, plenty of buckets, mops, broom, dust pans, and all other stuffs from the house which other cars could not fit.

One bad thing was that I have brought my electric guitar and amplifier back to hometown. If I didn't do that I wouldn't have fit them into my car. Therefore when I was in Batu Pahat last week, I was forced to perform with my wrecked, 11 years old acoustic guitar.

Talk about cleaning, we didn't throw those we regarded recycle-able. Within these period the number of bottles outside the room practically filled up the whole space in there. We spent sometime to crush the bottles one by one so that it's easier to pack them up and carry them away.

And throw them into the recycle station outside our house.

But somehow the rubbish bag that I bought which contained those crushed bottles burst, though.

The study table and book shelf which I bought from Tesco were given to my ex-landlord at next door. With only the wardrobe left, I walked out from my four walled room and say goodbye to the place which I have lived for the past 2 years, the place I studied in order to see multiple patients and cases.

Goodbye Seremban.

PS: Will be going to Seremban again on Friday to visit my patient. Just when I thought it was over...


Anonymous said...

hey Mike , its been a while since i saw some real updates from your blog. Glad that you've somehow recovered from the traumatizing event. All the best for the last semester, jia you !! =)

Mike said...

thanks anon, whoever you are, for your concern. ya, one last semester to go.


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