439# Entering 2010

2009 was a bad year.

The only good thing was that I passed my EOS7.

And the previous elective and selective.

Hope 2010 will make a difference.

Happy New Year.


stinchan said...

not sure if i passed my christmas exams or not. hopefully really happy new year for me.

Mike said...

the new year greets me with a whole body of viral rash. i hope that it for the rest of the year.

StarGhazzer:太空人 said...

sad to hear that 2009 wasn't good for you. it's platonic, even numbing for me... no real ups nor downs.

here's to a better 2010 ahead..

sin yee said...

Passing each semester is considered a good good start.
Continue to work hard and all the best Mike :-)

sue wen said...

same here....hopefully 2020 would be a better year...somehow...i doubt it..but oh well :)


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