436# Half a decade, and more...

The title sounds familiar. I think I stole it from Celine Dion's album.

Started merely for the sake of killing my time during my college's holidays, I have somewhat successfully maintained this site for 5 years. And tomorrow shall be the 6th year of decarboxylation running in the blogsphere.

A lifelog, a hole for verbal diarrhoea, a link to connect, a place to share, a medium to spread, and a weapon to destroy.

Through this site I've accepted more than what I expected. Language, politics, real time issues, hatred, despair, regrets. And as the eclipse passed by there were more joy, more music, and more hobbies to share (Oh yes. Gundams).

Like my friend said, writing negative things and bitch about how smart you are how suck your life is are just not going to bring you anything.

Scrolling the posts that I’ve made, they record the road I've taken in MBBS, record each of every exam that I've failed and passed. They record the life of me surviving until the 4th year in medical school. It is always memorable to read back what I’ve written. It’s like an RPG log recording how your character grows, you know.

It’s not easy to maintain a site like this due to my schedule. But I still try my best to post at least one post a week or four posts a month with minimum one photo in each post. But that only happens after I’ve gotten a camera phone :P

Other than passing through the 5 years, this site has passed the 50,000th hit as well. Half a year ago it was just 30,000 clicks! Apart from my friends and readers from where I’m living, most of the clicks are actually from the states.

Thanks to everyone here, no matter if I know you in real life or not, thanks for checking out this site and hope I would continue writing until the day our government bans blogging.

In Sorte Diaboli.


Zhe said...

Congratz! I had no idea you had blogged for so long =) 6 years... wow...

Anyways, I highly doubt the government would ban blogging since even the MB's have their own blogs ^^

Mike said...

yeah, today is the 6th years already. aiya if msia really ban blogs then they cari maut only. impossible right. freedom of speech is just a myth afterall.

stinchan said...

soon man...they declare gundam is unislamic..only god allowed to shoot giant laser beams..till then will read your model reviews

sin yee said...

hey good job!
enjoyed reading your blogs coz they really help to destress me sometimes hehe

Mike said...

it's just a matter of time for gahmen to ban stuffs. in terengganu, the cinema last time they force to separate the male and female seating, and then they force the cinema to play with lights on. and in the end all cinema bankrupt. gahmen power, yeah.

my blog is entertaining? ahaha. quite boring to most of the ppl bcoz most of it are like reviews nia :( thanks for ur support though :D


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