378# Inside the Nine

378# Inside the Nine

I missed the last post for year 2008. And I'm missing the first post of the first day of 2009, too.

Very busy and unmotivated through out these days. I've got a very shocking invitation which could be the best surprise for me to end my year 2008.

I've got her wedding invitation 2 days ago. What I can say is that, I hope that she will live happy together with her husband. I'm not sure whether I will attend her wedding or not, but for sure they will have my blessings. Take it.

I keep my promise, the reason why I walked away is to put more concentration in my studies. Now 5 years have passed and finally you have found someone better to spend your remaining life with. It's a very mixed feelings for me, but what matters most is your happiness.

You won't have him if you kept waiting isn't it? And I bet you won't wait anyway.

Alright, a new year has come. Everyone has to do this, the new year resolution, so do I.

Nine new year resolutions for the year 2009, with the priority as follows;

1. Pass my End of Semester 7, at least a clear pass.

2. Improve my clerking skills and spend more time with the patients.

3. Perform an intravenous drip and do a complete suture on a patient.

4. Spend more time in studies when I'm in Seremban.

5. Spend more time with my family when I'm at home.

6. Control my spending, buy less gunpla.

7. Learn a least 3 new metal songs and 5 acoustic songs.

8. Complete my PG Strike.

9. Finish the books which I haven't finish reading.

However, how many of us really fulfill what we have planned?

Three among the nine above involves the fixed time which everyone has, which is quite sad. 24 hours is never enough.

Besides, building the PG Strike and learning new songs need time too. So more than half of my resolutions actually implying that I need more time!

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