422# [Gundam Fix Figuration Review] #0013 Deep Striker

Forget about the Part 2 of this model's review, now this is the real deal.

I'm finally home to take some shots for this model which I've accidentally bought during the end of May not long ago.

As mentioned previously, this fix figuration can be interchanged in between the 4 modes. I kept it in the Ex-S Gundam mode when it was being displayed in my room in seremban.

I only put it in the Deep Striker mode for 1 week, because, as seen above, it's really huge and it occupies a huge space of my study table.

The regardless its 1/144 scale, it is still very outstanding and easily spotted among my other collections. Simply because of its long, long cannon.

Weight is an issue, where the weight on its right is more and the model tends to go sideways due to the gravity pull. Therefore I had to put something on its right fuel tank as to balance it.

Heavily detailed. One of the characteristics of the design from Katoki Hajime. Somehow the decals are not overwhelming and just nice being pleasant to eyes.

Red markings in the white parts totally outshine.

Articulation is good as none like the rest of them in the series. What worse is in the Deep Striker mode, articulation is totally omitted.

Only the right arm can be moved and the left arm which is replaced with a sensor allows some degree of movement which is negligible.

I guess that's it.

Nothing else to complain.

Parts can be fitted in easily and tightly. And they seemed to be quite strong and sturdy.

By the way, my Fix Figuration Gundam Mk-III's wrist joints are almost breaking due to the frequent swapping. That's not very good.

I always prefer to take photos during the evening and yesterday was a good one.

All these photos were taken from the corners of my room, where I zoomed in and snapped during the perfect focus. So that I can blur out the background.

Oh yes. Paint job. I would say the standard is about the same among all those early Fix series. There is some flaw in the paint job here and there but they are still tolerable, at least for me.

Some closed up photo below will show the flaws.

Visible nip mark on the thruster. Quite obvious on the white coloured part.

But the rest are still alright.

The space occupying long cannon.

With beautiful sunlight.

A nice focus on the beam rifle. Is this the longest beam rifle for the mobile suit in the universal century series?

One visible nip mark at the bottom of the rifle. Can pretend not to see it.

Not-so-perfect panel lining. I got an idea from the fix figuration where they usually panel line the white parts with purple, and that's quite good.

Panel lining the white parts with black seems a bit dull already to me.

Visual overloading back view. Four thrusters and 4 cylinder fuel tanks. Plus point for being realistic. Kind of get bored with over-teched mobile suits from the Cosmic Eras and Anno Domini timelines.

Unlimited fuel from nuclear powered engine or GN drive seems a bit too much for me.

Quite lucky to be able to get my hands on this. Now this model is officially imprisoned in my glass shelf. Another piece of model where I buy, and put at home.

Won't be seeing it when I'm studying in seremban.

That makes me to think, what's the point of buying it since I won't be able to see it? May as well just leave it in the shop.


stinchan said...

did you end up buying your exia mg?

jordan love zaku said...

cool , so you like gundam huh? by the way Zaku 2 MS-06R-A1 was my favourite one of my 72 gundams


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