340# 1/100 Gundam Kyrios

340# 1/100 Gundam Kyrios

Another filler. Really nothing to talk about recently.

Oh well, i think I'll just write another reveiw to keep this site running. Or this is what i usually do?

Bought 1/100 Kyrios early of the month and i pushed myself hard to complete it within 1 day. Really rush because i'm having less time to spend for gunplas.

Assembling part is a piece of cake, but the painting part is a pain in the ass.

If compared to Exia and Dynames of the same grade, Kyrios certainly needs more painting. The shoulders, forearm, waist, torso, ankle, feet, back... Almost all parts required the grey painting.

Yellow is also needed for the medial tibial part (what the heck am i saying...). That part is really tiny and for sure there will be excessive paints to be scrapped off using the modelling knife.

Articulation is good especially the legs. Maybe that's necessary since it has the ability to transform into the wave rider mode.

The beam sub machine gun can be held in the hand or mounted at the forearm. Again, for the transformation mode i think.

Two beam sabers are mounted at its back. But Kyrios isn't a beam saber mobile suit so can forget about it...

But it still look cool with it, even though I'd prefer only Exia to have swords.

The very first shield i know of which can transform. From a flat shield it can turn into a forceps (lol) where a hot blade shoot out from the inside.

This weapon killed one pity fella in one of the episodes (can't remember which episode, but feel so sorry for the victim). Personally i think this transformed shield do not serve much functions other than torturing people. (Inserting the hot blade slowing until the victim die)


Plane mode. Or does it called as the Wave Rider mode like the Zeta? Or yes now I'm reminded that i still haven't write for the MG Zeta which i have done assembling earlier than this Kyrios.

Anyway the plane mode looks ok, very streamlined. But the wings are a little bit too small for me. Some say it pwns Zeta's wave rider, but i do think that Zeta looks better in plane mode.

Beam sub machine gun and shield is mounted at the side during the plane mode. I found that the plane mode is a little bit funny because the pilot cockpit is at the torso, so what is the front part of the plane for which looks like a cockpit?

Cosmetic design? But anyway it's still look good nonetheless.

If the opponent shoot at the head of the plane and thought that the pilot is dead then it would be a joke. Because the cockpit isn't over there!

By the way, since there are so many clear parts used in Kyrios so i had to mask these parts before i spray a layer of acrylic top coat onto it.

I didn't spend money for the masking tape so i used the normal sellotape.

A triumph into air.

2 more episodes for Gundam 00 first season. But the merchandise will keep on releasing, how poisonous they are.

Still got 1/100 virtue to complete the line up. But i doubt whether i have time to fix it or not.

Gunpla pending so far:

1/100 Gundam Virtue - 4200 yen
HG GN arms + Gundam Exia - 5775 yen

1/100 Gundam Astrae - 2900 yen

MG Force Impulse Gundam - 4,200 yen
1/100 Overflag - 2,310 yen
1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia (date and price TBA)

No money!!

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