311# Saving cpu, save me from myself

311# Saving cpu, save me from myself

Finally i am able to post something here. My cpu wasn't doing well during the past few months.

DVD writer was down, more than 6 DVD-Rs failed, wasted. Cpu problem.

I can't use the msn live messenger, because it kept logging off by itself. Cpu problem again.

Persistent spyware disabled by Ctrl+ function, therefore i can't copy and paste, but only drag and drop. Zone Lab, AVG seemed can't do anything about this. Somehow in the end i downloaded trial pack of Norton to get rid of this.

It's been 3 years i'm using this cpu, therefore i decided to send it to reformat it.

After i reformated it, a few other problems rose.

I'm using china mari chiplak external modem (thanks to the farked up braodband promoter) instead of tm nut plug and play modem, therefore installation is needed for the modem.

After days of days failing to connect to the internet, finally manual IP address settled the connecton problem. Torrent isn't moving fast though. And my connection at jpopsuki torrent tracker shows "BAD". Damn.

After reformatting the cpu, the DVD writer gets to burn DVDR with its full capacity. Buffer level gets to maintain at its maximum level, thus from 1 hour i get to complete a DVDR around 10 minutes. Thank god i can backup my datas now.

Having enough of computer problem, another problem bothering me is the course.

Everyone is lacking the motivation to study during endocrine system because of the long holiday. That was reasonable for me to being slacked.

But now endocrine course is over and we have finished half of reproduction system course, i still can't get my motivation back.

Maybe it's because of the 1 week break during the Hari raya that makes me lazy. Expecting a one week holiday makes me take things for granted, therefore i feel damn lazy to study.

Didn't really study much in the library, but talk cock and do shits instead. Because most of my friends around are not studying!

Went to play DoTA to overcome my depression, but that only make it worse instead.

I swear i'm not going to waste time and money to play DoTA already. Serious.

I'm serious ok?

By the way, have anyone eaten the "kai pa fan" aka chicken chop rice in Subang Square before? RM6.50 with chicken chop, rice, mash potato, coleslaw and egg? Unbelievable.

I drove all the way to subang square just to try the KPF out few days back. But i didn't manage to do so.

I found a parking, but my friend didn't. He swore not to go subang anymore due to the traffic change.

Pathetic. When to eat the more expensive fast food instead.

Working on a few artworks currently to take part for the imu art competition. Didn't really know it's an international event... That explains why the total prize of RM7,500...

I'm not expecting anything from it like last year. I drew two drawings and both didn't get picked last year when i entered. Worst thing is that the people there didn't even know how to place my drawing.

Therefore i shall draw something within human level this time.

Is there anyone else who is joining as well?

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