48# KTM - Keretapi Tak Maju - Sial

48# KTM - Keretapi Tak Maju - Sial

The above description bout KTM was from Mei Wen's bulletin. She posted a letter tat written by her fren in the bulletin board. KTM is just sucks... really sucks... But i do rely on it to go to coll, go tutiton, go lepak and stuffs...
Tmr is a very special day for me. I take bus to coll again! I din take the bus service during Apr. Bcoz it wasnt worthy to take since we were having exams, then the 2 weeks break. But within past few weeks takin KTM to coll, i'd really suffered a lot man...

30minutes drive to KTM klang station and wait for the train. 25 minutes inside the train. Then if lucky, 5 minutes of bus to taylors. If there's no buses, i take my bus number 11#. 15minutes the fastest to reach coll. But in order to walk tat fast, my adrenaline secreted makes my heart pump faster for the sake of carbohydrate oxidations. The by product - HEAT makes me sweat like Hell... I need 15minutes then to chill out myself. You noe, the sweat's smell is really disguisting. So i will avoid from sweating if i could.

Now no more KTM to coll, just only to tuition if the tuition is not during coll days. Take bus isnt tat bad, though there're too many sound and visual pollutions inside the bus. Anyway, there's a few more weeks for me to be patient. Then, i would need to say tata to taylors... sob sob, tak sampai hati la...

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