35# Hell Awaits

35# Hell Awaits

I would never know how funny demons will be until i watched Constantine with my friends. What could i see about Hell in the movie was just as i expected. I learnt a lot thru my music and i feel that place is really awful in the moive. Even the burning fire is just exactly the same as the fire tat i see in my art of my music.

Is Hell really tat horrible? Ppl do believe that sinners will go down, saints go up. Everyone is born to be a sinner. There is various way for ppl to clean theirselves so they could escape from being tortured after their life. I'm not trying to question anything, just feel curious tat... who could actually know about what's life after death...?

For me, i would have my own theory... if one's death is because of suicide, the second before he exhales the last breathe, he could see everything he saw in his whole life in tat instant... Once he is died, the painful suicide routine would repeat everyday in the same place, same time... the person cant control himself from doin it again and again...
or he might himself in front of him who was trying to kill himself...
anyway, these are just my imaginations. If can i would not like to see what is Hell and death. i think i'm happy to live in this unfair world and society now, somehow...

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