84# The Virus of Life

84# The Virus of Life

I only went to the workshop on Thursday and Friday. Monday i got guitar class replacement, Tuesday and Wednesday i was having fever. So far those two days really gave me lots of experiences and mental torments.

I really got frustrated to answer those questions from the customers and the mechanics' friends there.

Q: Hey, are you a new worker here?
A: Nope.

Q: Where do you work before this?
A: I was studying before this. And I'm just here to learn, without pay for your information.

Q: How come?
A: Oh, this's my uncle workshop and my dad called me here to learn.

And i really can't stand when people whisper, or even yelled to the mechanics how come the boss, TSR's nephew will be here, or the DT's son will be here working. Come on man, I'm only human. I got no any special privileges unlike the others. I'm not like the others that born to be protected in an air-conditioned room and playing PS2 that their parents bought.

My dad had told the mechanics there to show no mercy to me, they told me. They are ordered to call me to do whatever things include sweeping the floor. Man, i don't even sweep my own room at house. They got sort of like consoling me, explained that my dad wants to train me. Of course i understand. My dad is the strictest dad on earth ever who will force his son to work as a mechanic in a car's workshop.

And i won't give up as to show the world that I am not spoonfed, I am not a loser, I am not as weak as my dad expected and I experienced all the shits that the others never. I mix with all standards of people. The lowest standard people like in my area. Witness how my friends fight, take weeds in front of me, got involved in gang fight, mix with all races of gangsters. With the middle class people to do normal things like the others. And the highest class people to see how they acutually live with branded stuffs, how they spend their money and etc.

I'm a science student. Specialised in Gothic erotic, and comic style drawing. Interested in playing electric guitar. Like to online. And when it comes to knowledges about cars, I'm totally out. I know nothing about it. Therefore, I must learn, somehow. Anyway, at least i can gain extra knowledges that i will not get by myself.

So far i learnt to

  • Change the engine oil, so called the black oil.
  • Change the radiator coolant and it's reserve.
  • Change the auto oil for auto cars.
  • And some other stuffs that i actually can't remember.

I am not a very good learner in this case. It is out of my specialisations... Other than wearing the "EON service" uniform, i got no other worst trousers to wear. Forced to wear my dear body glove and U2 trousers, sad case man. And my hands always get dirty, inevitably. Always scared to hurt my fingers because fingers are life of a guitarist... Oh man, am i too sissy?

Fortunately i only need to work until the day before the official CAL result announcement day. Ok, that's still 3 weeks to go. I'll keep on my patience and do whatever asked. Hope i wont have sudden violent due to the accumulated stress.

"You do know peace until you had suffering... I've suffered!"
From Solitare Unraveling by Mushroomhead.

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