82# A.D.I.D.A.S.

82# A.D.I.D.A.S.

Went to 1u the second time today... With the average speed of 100km/h, we reached there within half an hour, or more accurately 25 minutes. I expected it to be like 45 minutes. Well, 3 series does it all. Speed... man.

It was a very first time for me to reach at a mall so early - 10.30am. Tai ken, ying ying and shafiq reached there only minutes before the movie started, about 1.30pm. So me and Cheryl just walk around within that 3 hours. 1u is just big enough for me with the additional new wing.

F4 was not that great as i could expect. Normal story line and normal ending. Just got surprised by the way they expressed their abilities. Among all the Marvel movies, i think Spider man and Batman begins are the best. Hulk was still ok, but for sure F4 is not in the list.

So surprised that she didn't know how to use the short cut key for silent mode in her samsung phone. In the theather, when she wanted to turn to silent mode. She went to settings and stuffs like that. And i said, she could actually hold the # button, and silent mode will be activated straight away. And she was even more surprised than me because she didn't know such a function in her phone. Amusing. The way she looked that surprised.

We all went Chilli's for so many times to disturb Harpreet and Justin. When Justin introduced himself to Cheryl, I added the word 'Timbelake" for him. Actually lots of ppl had been doing that for him, haha. Justin even forgot about his job their when Harpreet called him in. Lots of customers in there though the foods are very pricey. That's why during the weekend the restaurant can earn like RM18k until RM22k. That's how Harp and Just got paid.

Saw audrey walking with her friend there. I knew (thought) that she saw me, actually she didn't. I stood in front of her and stared at her like a predator. Evil eyes. She got frightened and stepped back, until her left shoe gone off. Man, i didn't expect such reaction from her. Ok, i was too scary... Just felt so sorry for that.

After the movie, i managed to get a new waist bag from extreme shop. At least i wasn't going back home empty handed. I was quite surprised that she could actually walk for so long without feeling tired. My legs are still pain now by the excess lactic acid accumulate in those muscle cells. Oxygen debt has not seemed to be fully repaid yet.

That's why girls can also apply the principle of A.D.I.D.A.S. other than guys. Just a slide difference at the last word for the guys. As all the guys know, the S stands for something elses. And for the girls, the S stands for "Shopping". And thus it turns into " All Day I Dream About Shopping". Hilarous. This was what she told me after she corrected what i told her. For the guys one, i think not all the gilrs know anyway... And i do not think they want to know it...

6pm we went back. Again, without any traffic jam i reached bukit raja at 6.30pm. It was fast... before i got my car back at bukit raja, went in to Jusco to find for BoA's new korean album. Undoubtedly, not in msia yet. The official page has not even announce about it yet. Maybe next month...

A very good walk in 1u.

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